10 Tips from Online Marketers and Webmasters to Check Page Ranking and improve it

Now more and every, businesses know the importance of SEO and they know how search engines like Google and Bing can influence their sales and overall business operations drastically. SEO has become an important part of the marketing campaign because of the obvious reasons and now it is essential to check page ranking and try to improve it in order to survive in the market. Following are some tips and tricks from online marketers and webmasters that can help you improve your ranking.

Evergreen content

That’s a trick many online marketers and webmaster use to get higher ranking in search results. Avoid trendy topics that are ‘hot’ now but will fade out in few days. This kind of topics can give your website a traffic boost but just for a short time period. Instead check page ranking of your website, check which keywords will work best for you and curate evergreen contents around those keywords. Contents that will be useful even after 3 years are something worth working on.

Think like your visitors

think like your readers when writingOf course you should be doing that already; think about your website like your visitors. Think of topics a potential customer or visitor would be looking for on your website. Think of keywords and terms that visitors might use on search engine to find contents, services and products that your website offers; this way you can penetrate into your visitors head and offer them exact contents they are looking for.

Guest posts

Guest posts offer a ton of benefits. You can offer fresh content to popular blogs while providing one of the most effective and efficient techniques to build useful links. Check page ranking of your website and start writing blog posts as they can give your site a huge ranking boost.


Unique and high quality contents are important and what’s more important is links for high ranking and authority websites. Unfortunately you might not have control over the process and there is not much you can do to get links from top websites but you can write amazing contents with backlinks to your website and submit those contents to the content directories.

Images and videos

Image and videos can make a huge difference on your website ranking. Unfortunately search engines like Bing and Google are currently not smart enough to understand the contents of an image, video or an audio file. That means you need to use the text to describe these contents. On the other hand, videos shared on popular video sharing websites like Vimeo and YouTube are good for the ranking. You can write a long description of your videos on these platforms and embed them on your website.

Update your contents

Posting fresh and unique high quality contents is important but updating your existing contents could also be useful. Keep an eye on your most popular contents and check page ranking of those contents. If any of those top contents have outdated information then make sure you update that. You don’t have to rewrite the entire post but instead simply add more contents to add value to that post.

Use the right keywords

That’s no brainer; if you are not targeting the right keywords and the right audience then you are wasting your time and other resources. On the other hand, targeting everyone is not a good strategy but instead focus on target audience who is already interested in your contents, products or services. Use keywords that are more focused toward the target audience.

Optimize your content

Optimizing your content is essential to rank your posts higher in search results. Regardless of how good your contents are, if your contents are not optimized with title, Meta description and keywords then they are of no use. Make sure you add this information with each of your post to make your contents valuable in eye of search engine.

Avoid Flash

Although the majority of people has realized that Flash is over but still many people use Flash based websites that simply kill their ranking. Of course there are some advantage of developing a Flash based website like cost efficiency but many browsers have discontinued their support for Flash and the days of this platform are over. Move to another platform like WordPress to get higher ranking.

Use keyword tools

There are tons of online keywords tools and websites available that allow online marketers and webmasters to keep a keen eye on their audience, ranking and every other small detail they want to know of. Some tools like Google Keyword Tools and SEMRush are smart enough to suggest you keywords that could be valuable to your website.

Does ranking based on website speed is a good thing?

We all know Google and other search engines give a lot of weight to the factor of website loading time. That means websites which load faster than their counterpart get higher ranking. Obviously this is a good thing from visitor point of view because an average visitor waits only 2-3 seconds for a website to load but there are some arguments against this factor too. Let’s see what goes in favor of ranking based on speed and what goes against it.check page ranking - fast websites help with ranking

  • Since Google favors faster websites in ranking, people get a better search experience and the Google becomes more productive. As the majority of people visit the top ones websites and faster websites are on top, people don’t have to wait for find answers.
  • If search engines like Google and Bing favor faster websites, site owners and webmasters would try to make their websites faster to achieve higher ranking that would result in an overall faster internet experience. This point goes in favor of visitors.
  • Google ads are everywhere on the internet. If site owners and webmasters have strong reason to check page ranking and improve their website speed and that would result in more visitors and more revenue.
  • There are some downsides of favoring faster websites; first of all, with faster websites being favored, big companies can put lots of resources to make their websites faster that jeopardize the entire concept of using a search engine to find the best contents.
  • Faster doesn’t mean better; for example, local businesses do not usually optimize their websites for speed because they create their website for their online presence rather than having lots of traffic and they rarely check page ranking and care about it. If a local business website is not optimized for speed then it won’t show on top that means the visitor is not getting access to the best possible result.
  • Above all, it’s the search engines like Google and Bing who get the most benefits from favoring faster websites in ranking because of their ads. A faster website means the search engine crawler has to spend lesser time and resources on an individual website. It also means the search engine will get millions of more clicks because of the faster websites.

Check Page Ranking

Google will update page ranks every 3 – 6 months, so it makes sense to check it occasionally.  Of course, you can come to the right place as we have one of the most popular google pagerank service out there.  And we’ll always be a free service.

The Bottom Line

Page ranking is important; you need to regularly check page ranking on your website and take necessary actions mentioned above. Of course it is not a onetime thing but an evolutionary process that takes time so take the first step now.

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