14 Benefits of Google Analytics for Internet Traffic

When it comes to getting your hands on internet traffic, there are tons of online websites, services and tools that as an online marketer or webmaster you can use. Some of these tools and services are even available for free, and Google Analytics is one of the most popular ones. The benefits of Google Analytics are virtually unlimited as users can use its tons of features in different ways to achieve their goals. Let’s see some awesome features and benefits of Google Analytics.

Defining goals

The first and most important step of using Google Analytics is to define and set your goals because without them you won’t be able to go very far. The main purpose of defining your goals is to unleash the benefits of Google Analytics by gathering tons of data about what works and what doesn’t.

setting goals

Setting Goals

For example if your online business is newsletter then your primary purpose is increasing the number of registered users. In case of eCommerce, you definitely want to increase the overall sales volume.

Compare your website with older version of it

This is a useful feature that wasn’t available in the older version of Google Analytics.   Google introduced it in this latest version and it got overnight popularity. With this feature you can compare your current website with an older version of it at a different point in time. For example you can compare how your website is doing as compared to what it was doing a year ago. Google Analytics shows that data and information in visual format that makes it easier for users to understand important points and take required actions.

Geographical data

The benefits of Google Analytics include getting access to advance geographical data about your visitors, websites and internet traffic. This feature shows the performance of your website based on geographical location like a specific country or city. For example you can see that visitors from Chicago spend 57% more time on your site from other cities.  Perhaps your website got 10% more visitors from Spain this month as compared to last month. This kind of information and data help your plan your marketing strategies.

Conversion rate

This particular feature is for eCommerce websites which deliver its products and services in different regions and cities. With the help of this feature, you can see which cities or regions have higher conversion rate than others and based on that information you can adjust your prices and offers. Many online stores and websites have been doing this for years and if done right, this is a great strategy to increase sales volume and decrease bounce rate on your website. Of course you can target users with offers based on this data.

Fix registration process

Google Analytics has given this feature name Funnel Visualization. This is one of the biggest benefits of Google Analytics,  Webmasters can easily detect the problem in their registration process. They can see where users leave their registration process and after knowing the exact reason, they can fix that issue. Not only registration process but you can use this feature anywhere where your website interacts with visitors directly and asks for their information.


This feature shows a comprehensive report to webmasters about the navigation on their website. Website owners can see how users are navigating through their website.  They can also see how users end up on the contact us page or any other page or post. This information helps webmasters understand the mindset of visitors and allows them to take necessary actions and make changes to lead their visitors to their desired pages.

Google AdWords

The latest version of Google Analytics comes with integrated support for Google AdWords. If you are using Google AdWords on your website you should tie these two together.  Google Analytics can access all the data and information about your ad campaigns and keywords. This amazingly integrated feature allows webmasters and online marketers to keep a keen eye on everything including their conversion rate, sales volume and even the margin.

Automatic Emails

One of the most useful benefits of Google Analytics is its automatic reporting feature. Of course you can view the information and reports whenever you want.


automatic email reporting

If you want to share that information and reports with your team members or clients regularly you should try the automatic emails.  This automatic reporting feature that sends detailed reports about the performance of website via email.

Comparing different landing pages

According to some industry experts multiple landing pages are a good thing.  Many online marketers who have been doing this for years.   Having more than 5 landing pages is a good strategy for businesses experiment.  This allows you to test how customers respond and what presentation helps increase their sales volume. This tactic also helps them decide the best performing landing page based on its bounce rate. Bounce rate refers to the number of people who visit your website but leave without visiting another web page.
This particular feature of Google Analytics tells you the bounce rate of your website.  It also will tell you the bounce rate of different webpages and landing pages. Landing pages with significantly higher bounce rate must be eliminated.


Google Analytics does not specifically help you plan your keyword strategy but it sure helps you knowing what your audience wants.  It also helps in letting you know how people are searching for your website on search engines. It tells you the exact keywords people are using to find your website so you can target those keywords in your contents. Among other things it also helps you start new ad campaigns around those keywords.

Browser compatibility

The benefits of Google Analytics include checking browser compatibility to reduce your website bounce rate. Google Analytics shows the exact number of people visiting your website from a particular web browser. This allows you to make your website fully optimized for those browsers which are responsible or most of your internet traffic. For example, if majority of your internet traffic comes from Chrome and Safari then make sure your website is fully compatible with these browsers.

Connection speed

This information and data shows the number of people visiting your website with broadband connection and other slower connections. By analyzing this information you can make your website less heavy for your users – increasing internet traffic and reduce the bounce rate. For example if your website’s majority of visitors use slower connection then making your website optimize for that connection speed would be a great idea.

Internal traffic vs Internet traffic

If you, your employees and colleague spend lot of time on your website for any reason then these visits may affect the overall information and data gathered by Google Analytics. In order to get an unbiased version of performance report, you can enter your IP addresses so Google Analytics can filter out all the internal traffic coming from those addresses. Amazingly you can turn off that filter whenever you want also.

Repeating visitors

Google Analytics tells you how many visitors have come back to your website and more importantly it inform you the specific webpages those repeating visitors are looking for. This way you can offer better contents and optimize your website in order to reduce the bounce rate.


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