5 Backlink Essentials

In the past backlink and quality content would help your website ranking greatly. Guess what? It still works today and it will greatly influence your page ranking on search engine results. Of course, other factors are always being added to the search engine algorithms, but backlink submission is still vital.
Buying through backlink submission services save you from doing all the dirty work yourself. Any many of them are quite affordable.  If you want to outsource your backlinks, you will have to pay for the service, but you will save yourself the time that you would spend placing the links as well as learning and be practicing backlinking best practices.


Backlinks including high PR backlinks will help your website's ranking.

Backlinks including high PR backlinks will help your website’s ranking.

Service providers will place website links that redirect to your website using on popular forums, blogs, blog comments, and profiles to name a few. In turn, the search engines will improve your ranking on their search results which will mean a high flow of web traffic towards your direction. Several backlink builders have well-established networks of website that provide quality links to your website. PRChecker.net is one of them and we hope you check out our backlink services.
If you want to DIY your backlinking, below are 5 ways to get your backlinks to stick

Backlinks and Blogging

You can create backlinks of high quality at low cost via blogging. It is as simple as posting on other popular websites with links to your website in the posts. Most large enterprises and other relevant companies in your industry will have a niche that will never get full of articles. Post on the blog section of the website and don’t forget backlink submission so that people can, for example, read more on your website.
This strategy even works better when you invite people to write in your blog. New readers will be directed your website which is perfect for now and the future. Having other people post on your blog gets your indexing to go high which is good news. However, ensure that you have more quality content than the blog or website of the guest author. Just research and you will know how to go about it.

Backlink Commenting

Leaving comments on other sites can also do the trick. Make relevant and quality comments and make sure that you leave a link to a related post or content in your online site. Take advantage of Disqus and similar platforms for backlink submission. Interestingly, you can as well hire individuals to be reading other websites’ posts and comment on them leaving a post to your website. It will never be this easier.

Social Media and Backlinks

What social media has done to the modern Internet user is just irreversible. People spend more time on social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, Instagram and Linkedin than just about any other website. It is, therefore, important to make use of these platforms for backlink submission too. Social media yields long-term results in most cases. All the mentioned social media platforms allow posting information that you should use to link to your website.

Backlink buying

Link submission to the link builders is a very reliable option. The companies charge you depending on size and quantity, but most of them deliver results almost immediately. Sometimes this can be risky since your content may be spammed and lower the page ranking of your web pages. Nevertheless, there are ethical link builders who will get the job done better than you could and giving you more time to work on other tasks for your website. We at PRChecker.net are a great source of high pr, edu, gov and social backlinks.

checking your backlinks is always a good idea

checking your backlinks is always a good idea

Monitoring Backlinks

Once you submit backlinks the next step is always to check your new links. Luckily, there are various tools already available online that you can use to do that work. You can find an excellent free link checking tool at http://www.scrapebox.com/free-link-checker.  Managing and monitoring backlinks is likely to improve your page ranking. Broken links should be repaired or replaced.
If you want to do the link building yourself, you can shortcut this process by spying and then doing what your competition is doing. The best part is the fact that you can improve the strategies before you implement. Backlinks are paramount in the world of SEO. Start working on them now.  The sooner you start, the better!  Your website links will be indexed by search engine and all of the ranking benefit.
Why are you waiting? Start implementing the five tips shared above and you will enjoy higher search engine page ranking. Do not be left behind.

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