6 Ways People Are Destroying Their Pagerank And Losing Tons Of Traffic


destroying pagerank through outdated seo techniques


Almost every search engine has created many new rules, algorithms and policies over last couple of years. Of course search engines like Google wants websites to play by rules and website which don’t follow their rules get penalized with lower page rank and search engine ranking. Because of the smarter algorithms and better technologies, Google is now hard to manipulate but some people and even professional online marketers are still making some mistakes that cost them their search engine ranking.

Using copied and outdated contents

Duplicating contents from another website is the worst you could do to your website or blog. Why you need to write a fresh piece of blog or article when you can simply copy it from another website? Although almost everyone knows that duplicate contents are of no good and it’s the SEO 101 but many people are not aware of the fact that Google can detect ‘spun contents”. It means you cannot copy ideas and contents from other websites and make necessary changes to it. When search engines like Google detect duplicate contents and plagiarism, they flag your website and rank in down.

Not publishing fresh contents regularly is also not a good deed when it comes to SEO. If you are writing original contents but not writing regularly and most of your contents are outdated then they are of no good. Google crawl your website to index new pages and new contents. Outdated contents reflect inactivity on your website that results in lower page rank.

Using too much graphics

Google gets information about your website from text, not graphics. If you are presenting your website with the help of graphics and scripts rather than using text then it’d surely decrease your page rank because Google would not get any information from the website. Using too much graphics on your website has another harmful effect; it slows down your website. For the last couple of years, Google and other search engines have been using page load speed as a ranking factor.

If your website loads slow because of any reason, Google decreases its pagerank and faster websites get advantage. This is because most of the people wait only for 2-3 seconds for a website to load that means page load speed is an important factor. You can use Google Speed Insight tool to check your website performance and how you can improve it.

Not using keywords at all

Search engines love naturally written fresh contents but they still rely on keywords and traditional SEO methods in use for many years. Not using keywords at all means you are killing your website intentionally because without relevant keywords it won’t appear in search results that’d ultimately lead to drop in traffic and page rank. Using keywords is a science and art at the same time.

You need to do it the right way otherwise you’ll destroy your website traffic and get penalize. First of all, do keyword research using popular tools like SEMRush and Google AdWords. The second step if to write contents about those main keywords so people and search engines consider those contents valuable.

Keyword stuffing

This is exactly the opposite of not using keywords at all; keyword stuffing refers to the use of too much keyword in order to manipulate search engines. However it is now impossible because of the technological advancements and considered a black hat SEO technique. Usually keyword stuffing doesn’t offer any value at all to the visitors. As mentioned above, your contents have to be natural and Google has said that many times in the past.

Keyword stuffing is not just about contents and blogs but it could be applied to on-page SEO too. Using keywords too many times in the title, Meta description as well as on other places makes sure your page rank decrease eventually if your website doesn’t get penalize instantly.

Pagerank-Too many ads

Of course ads are good, ads generate money. So using too many ads means more money, right? That’s a misconception. Google wants you to offer a great experience to your visitors. If your visitors are bouncing because of annoying ads then those money generating ads are actually killing your website slowly. Of course you won’t be penalized for that but it results in a significant decrease in traffic that means lower page rank.

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