7 Reasons visitors hate your website: How to reduce the bounce rate and get real website traffic

There are lots of on page factors that influence website traffic, visitor’s opinions about your website, and whether they keep browsing your website or leave. It’s good to be aware of the major factors that influence them.  The good news is once you are aware of them, you can improve most of those factors, reduce your website bounce rate, and ultimately bring in more website traffic. Here are some major reasons why your visitors don’t like your website and decide to leave.

Visitors Hate your Website

Visitors Hate your Website

Reason #1: Users Hate your Mobile Design

There is absolutely no doubt that mobile devices are the future of the internet; even in today’s world more searches take place on phones and tablets than on a laptop or desktop computer. It means if your website is not mobile friendly then you are ignoring the majority and ultimately losing real website traffic. Make your website adaptive as this is the current mobile website standard and search engines like Google and Bing love it.
Other than making your website adaptive, make sure your website is fully optimized for phones and tablets. That means you need to go through fonts, font sizes, button size, hyperlinks and every other small detail.

Reason #2: Users Hate Click Baiting

The era of offering unrelated contents with irrelevant links and click baiting is pretty much gone forever. You need to know what your audience actually wants to read instead of shoving irrelevant content down their throats. You need to know why a visitor would end up on a specific page on your website and what he/she is looking for.
It means you need to focus on each webpage individually to know the mindset of your visitor.  Services like SEMRush can help you with that. You can use SEMRush to analyze what webpages are popular with your readers and the search engines.  Research similar topics and give your readers more of what they want!
Besides, annoying click bait articles only lead to high bounce rates, low social sharing rate, and an overall poor impression of your website.

Reason #3: Users Hate Pop ups

Everyone hates pop ups.  Visitors are frankly tired of the inconvenience of clicking out of popups. Of course, it may depend on your website, website design, and the nature of your contents as well as your audience – but in general pop ups can increase your bounce rate because people don’t usually appreciate flashy pop ups.
Interestingly there are many alternatives of pop ups; for example you can place that piece of information on the left or right side of screen to make it look like optional rather than dancing on the screen. The main purpose here is to respect your visitors in order to get respect from them and search engines.

Reason #4: Users Hate your Content

That’s no brainer; if someone visits your website then definitively he/she is looking for something valuable and knowledgeable. If you are not offering them valuable contents or piece of information then they’d eventually leave. Additionally, keyword stuffing may also lead to higher bounce rate because of the irrelevant contents and unnatural flow.
High quality relevant contents not only help you get real website traffic but they also help you build a community of loyal readers. Regardless of what your website sells, contents are important and you must make sure they are of high quality.

Reason #5: Users Think your Website is Slow

Although search engines, online marketers and webmasters had ignored loading speed for years, usability experts have always pushed this as important for the overall user experience.  Times have changed.  Google and the search engines have done a 180 degree turn on this factor – going from ignoring webpage loading speed to making it an important ranking factor in the last few years.
According to a recent study, 4 out of 10 people will abandon your website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.
It means if your website loads in more than 3 seconds then you are losing tons of real website traffic that could actually be interested in your products, services and contents. Analyze your website using the Google Page Speed Insights tool and make it fast.

Reason #6: Users Hate your Images

Images are another reason why people may hate your website. Even if your contents are relevant and of high quality, low quality images or other media can ruin everything. Make sure the images you are posting have high resolution and they are relevant to the website and contents.
Low resolution images can make your website look unprofessional so make sure the images you have selected to be posted with contents have high value.

Reason #7: Site Navigation

Of course your website navigation matters a lot for the overall user experience. A visitor may come to your site and like the first page they opened but if your website navigation is confusing and not well organized, they may leave. Make sure navigation is well thought out and can make sense to a first time visitor.  If they are confused by your website or can’t get to where they want to go, you can expect to lose them.

Get Visitors to Love your Website

Get Visitors to Love your Website

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