9 Things Online Marketers Know About Targeted Traffic That Most Don’t


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Almost every business has at least one website that means the importance of SEO is now more than ever; however it also means the online marketers have to put extra efforts into the equation in order to get desired results that they were getting earlier with lesser efforts. On the other hand, search engines like Google are now smarter; online marketers and entrepreneurs have to do a lot better targeted SEO to get more targeted traffic.

For majority of people and first time entrepreneurs, SEO means on-page optimization and lots of relevant contents on their website or blog. And it’d be true few years ago but now the competition is fierce and without targeted SEO and without focusing on targeted traffic, it is almost impossible to get lots of visitors. Local SEO is an example of targeted SEO but it doesn’t cover it entirely as there are other methods too which online marketers know about and most of the people don’t. Let’s start with the basics and things you might have heard of.

Email signups

Everyone knows the importance of email signups but surprisingly majority of people is doing it the wrong way. Of course customer audience targeting delivers amazing results but you must be precise and be careful while doing it. Many online marketers and experts suggest the use of incentives like points, discounts and deals in your emails to encourage people for email signups. A successful email campaign means more targeted traffic and high conversion rate. Additionally many people bury email signup button in the footer or somewhere not-much-obvious; that’s a mistake.

The email signup must be large, obvious and appealing to the visitors. You have to give strong reason to the visitors so they signup. As mentioned above, you need to use incentives. Offering people special offers through email signups is also a great way to get more and more visitors signing up. You can use contents like videos for that purpose.

Local SEO

Local SEO has become a popular trend because of its results and importance in businesses. There are many reasons to do local SEO and one of the most important one is the mobile experience. As mobile devices like phones and tablets are being used by almost everyone, search engines like Google and Bing are now focusing on delivering location based results by analyzing the exact location of the user and his/her previous history.

It also means you have to compete with lesser opponent because of the smaller market. For example in normal cases you are dealing with other similar companies on a national scale but that is not useful information for users. Local SEO practices make sure you get the most relevant visitors to your website that ultimately results in higher conversion rate.


That’s no brainer; plug-ins are essential part of SEO as they not only bring more traffic but also bring more profit because of higher conversion rate. However you can also use plug-ins smartly to drive targeted traffic to your website. The best thing about WP platform is its support for a wide range of plug-ins that you can install on your website almost instantly. These plug-ins make sure you are doing the SEO the right way and there isn’t any room for improvement left.

Some of the most popular plug-ins for WP are All-in-on SEO and WP SEO by Yoast. You can get these plug-ins for free from their official website and both of these plug-ins come with tons of advances features that allow users to get targeted traffic without doing much effort.


LinkedIn is a quite surprising addition in this list because of the obvious reason but you’d be amazed to know how useful it could be for targeted traffic. As we all know LinkedIn is all about connection and targeted audience means deeper users’ engagement and connections. Creating a killer profile on this professional social network could be the key, however you need to update your profile regularly and join relevant groups.

LinkedIn groups allow member to share their links and articles, which means you can share your contents with thousands of people. All you need to do is find the relevant groups to your business, product or brand and join them. Some of these groups have more than 400,000 members that result in a bigger yet more targeted audience. Creating your own group on LinkedIn is a great way to engage with your visitors and users.

Mistake # 1

Many online marketers waste their resources and time by doing advertisement with no targeting at all. Your ads must be specific to the demographics of the users. That means you need to know their device, their location, preferences and even language. Knowing about the devices of your target audience makes sure your ads appear fine on those devices.

Knowing their geographical location means you can target them more specifically and of course in a better way. For example if you a local business then you can easily set a radius for your business and market your products and services to people within that radius. It is quite obvious why you need to know the language preference of your target audience.

Mistake # 2

Everyone should implement no-negative keyword strategy; it means you have to exclude the words manually that are relevant to your business but doesn’t related to your products and services directly. For example if you are a website that sells women dresses and apparels but does not have wedding dresses then make sure your exclude that keyword from your website.

Of course you want more traffic but more than that you want a higher conversion rate and obviously you don’t want users to be frustrated and disappointed after finding out your website did show up in search results but does not have things that you are looking for. This also put negative impact on the authenticity of that website in the long run. For example, people who are looking for wedding dresses on your website would not come back again because they didn’t find their desired things in the first attempt.

Mistake # 3

Lack of proper testing of marketing strategies can affect the overall targeted traffic. When you build and implement your plan for the first time, make sure you do the proper testing by making possible changes in location, time of day, demographics and other elements. The easiest way to do that is by using Google Analytics Experiments that is exclusively designed and built for this purpose.

This tool and feature tests two or more plans and landing pages at the same time. This kind of testing shows the effectiveness and efficiency of all the possible ways so you can choose the best one.

Look-alike target audience

There are tons of online marketing tools and some of them like Facebook Lookalike Audiences and Google Display Select Targeting are some advanced tools that can help you in increasing targeted traffic on your website. Facebook Lookalike Audiences is a tool that target people who are similar to the people who already liked your page or who are already your customers.

The Google Display Select Targeting tool also does the exact same thing, except it works based on the search campaigns. Also this tool works great if you already have some traffic on your website and have some conversions.


Lot of marketing strategies needs patience; for instance we’ve talked about testing. Of course it is beneficial in the long run but you might not see its immediate benefits because it is not immediately profitable. In other words, testing is a continuous process that allows online marketers to know about the market, their target audience and about market shifts.

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