An Amazing New SEO Strategy

Bringing Human Touches to Your Business…Again


Better customer service to get more happier site visitors


It is the age of smartphones and tablets. The generation that has grown so accustomed to the influence of the internet it demands answers right here, right now. It is the era of social media, instant messaging, and electronic mails when extensive messages are conveyed with a tap of a finger. Because of this convenience afforded by technology, people have grown used to an automatic, even somewhat mechanic, way of communicating. Companies may already have exhausted all the innovative SEO tips and tricks at their disposal.

In such a fast-paced era, one thing stands out that makes a brand unforgettable: the human touch. Or at least, its personal way of reaching out to people.

Many business owners look at their target market as some business metrics to fulfill, like getting website traffic fast. However, a clever business person knows sincerity is what keeps the customers. As owners of a business or website, long term goals should be set. And these long-term plans can only take root and see its fruition through loyalty. A loyalty that is afforded through human touches in what would otherwise be stiff, impersonal business transactions.

Here are the top personal touches that would not only bring but keep loyal customers:


Helpful and Friendly Live Chat Support

More than the popularity of a brand, customer support is what makes visitors stay or click away. Because customers prefer fast and accurate answers to their specific needs, providing a FAQs page, email support, phone support, and tickets are not enough.

This is why Live Chat support are a big hit in customer service. However, the company must make sure that customers do get the right kind of support their live chat help. The agents should be accommodating, prompt, and able to provide immediate help instead of making consumers wait.


Brand Personality Influence

Thousands of websites are online and vie for the same line of business. What makes a brand stand out from competing companies is its distinct personality. A brand personality that captivates an audience is the one that remains in people’s mind even after being provided by a myriad of choices.

The company should decide which tone of voice it should use in its marketing efforts. Should it be formal? Should it be funny and quirky? Should it be straightforward or speak in a special language that only patrons of the brand understand?

Whatever the case may be, the kind of personality the brand exudes is what customers will use to identify it amidst a sea of rivals.


Legit Service Testimonials from Real Consumers

Testimonials make or break a product online. No matter how much money companies invest on SEO techniques, one negative review can send it hurtling down especially if it goes viral.

Because of this, companies should invest on getting positive testimonials or reviews from customers. In the same vein, business owners should also keep a watchful eye on their testimonials whether through backlinks or social shares lest destructing ones will create a backlash from a larger market.


Offline Marketing Tactics

It is true that SEO tactics should be chosen in such a way as to boost a website to the top of the search engine results pages. However, it does not mean these tactics are limited within the realms of a computer.

Sending out cards, especially hand-written ones or signed manually is an example of an offline marketing tool that is still an effective SEO tactic.

Recording offline relations with customers and updating on social sites or the company website warms the hearts of prospective customers and make the existing ones feel valuable. It is also a nudge to move customers to talk about the brand with other people.

Although these tactics sound almost elementary or traditional, bringing personal touches to business dealings is one way to stand out in a generation of endless brand choices. A human touch on a business transaction may sound an old trick but it’s the new SEO strategy to bring about the longevity of a business.

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