Premium Leads, Is It Really Harmful For SEO?

seoYou can increase your page rank and get premium visitors using the paid method. Most webmasters today are putting all their efforts on search engine optimization to capture targeted visitors, and many of them solely rely on the search engine without bothering to consider other sources.

While it’s true that by doing SEO you get a better place in Google’s ranking system, it is important to have other sources as well like pay per click advertising, banner and contextual ads, and other forms of paid marketing. By doing this, you are breaking apart from full reliance on Google, which is an ideal scenario for businesses, especially at these times where Google’s Panda and Penguin pets are creating havoc in search engine landscape.

Is Purchasing Your Visitors a Good Option to Grow Your Business

When you purchase your leads, you will experience tremendous growth of your business as sales surge to new heights. Although, this may require some investments from your end, profits will increasingly start to pour in as a result of increment increase in sales.

Thus, the potential returns on investment are very promising that this is worth investing in some circumstances. However, high ROI is not guaranteed since there are several factors that affect the results, including the type of paid services you are using.

Is the Method Bad for SEO?

Many SEO experts would recommend against it because this is bad for search engine optimization. Google will eventually find out your mode of operation, which is a form of manipulating the search engine results by deceiving the crawlers into thinking that your blog is popular because of the huge amount of visits it is getting from different sources.

Aside from that, there are still many inferior services today that will give you poor quality hits coming from traffic-exchange networks. Google is already equipped with sophisticated tools and advanced technology that make it easier for it to spot businesses that use such networks for hits-generation. If you are caught, your blog will be slapped with a penalty either by lowering its page rank or by blacklisting it from the search results.

The effects are horrendous if the penalty is complete elimination from the SERPs. If you are already enjoying a top position in the front page with sky-rocketing visitor count, you will instantly experience sudden drop in numbers. This may, obviously, affect the overall performance of your business. However, this will only happen if your page views are coming from the exchange networks. That is why you need to avoid firms that use this method to fulfill their promised numbers to their clients.

It Is Not All Bad

On the other side of the coin, buying targeted leads in not at all bad. There are several trusted firms that you can rely on that can explode your conversion rate and give you the needed sales.

These companies have very effective systems of redirecting the flow of traffic from their network to their clients’ domains, and they do not use the exchange network that will only cause damage to their credible reputation. These are the firms that you should be using if you need a boost in sales.

How Do Genuine Paid Leads-Services Work?

There are various ways used by different firms to capture leads and funnel them to anywhere they want to. These methods are not illegitimate but they are completely legal and within the norms. Some of the popular strategies are as follows:

Visitors from Expired Domains

These firms have huge collection of high ranking domains that are enjoying enormous number of monthly visits. When you subscribe to one of their plans, all they have to do is to redirect the flow from one of their networks of high PR sources to yours.

Some of the domains in their networks are even ranked in the top pages of Google; therefore, you can expect to have a couple of organic visitors that are coming from the search engines. This method is safe because it is legal and a white-hat method.

However, you must be extra careful when choosing which firm to use the service. Some of them may have similar system on using expired domains, but they are converting them into doorway passages. This is a black-hat method that could potentially get your web store blacklisted by Google for being involved in this illegitimate technique even if you do not know anything about the system.

From Banner Ads

Aside from the search engine, another method that some genuine companies are using is the banner ads. As earlier mentioned, they have a lot of domains sitting in the front page while others are already popular. These networks are receiving a lot of monthly visitors.

All they have to do is plant a couple of banners in some of the domains within their networks with high visitor count. When viewers click on those ads, they are redirected to your online shop. Since the system mimics a pay-per-click advertising model, you will get targeted leads because only those that will check your pages are interested based on the fact that they clicked on the ads.

Of course, you can implement PPC campaign on your own and get high quality leads if you are already knowledgeable and an expert in this method of advertising. Aside from that, you also need to have ample time to spend on monitoring the ads campaign to ensure its success if you opt for this option.

Fortunately, another excellent alternative presents in front of you that is easier, convenient, and time effective. Just use the services of these firms and they will implement the banner advertising for you. Once your subscribe to one of their plans, all you have to do is just sit back and relax as you watch the gradual growth of your business due to the increasing clicks provided by these services.

Other companies may have unique systems of capturing targeted leads to send to their clients, but the above techniques are among the most common methods used by trusted services. The real challenge is in choosing which of these firms to use because there are so many of them. Their plans also remarkably differ, but they all give similar promises to give produce the numbers that you desire to have.

Nevertheless, it is important that you carefully make the wise choice because you will not only waste your money but also put your business at risk if you mistakenly use the services of those that tap on the traffic-exchange networks to fulfill their obligations to their clients.

Thus, read the reviews and testimonials before making the final decision. It helps to know the feedback of some customers with regards to their experiences in using the services of certain firms. Better yet, get recommendations from friends and from other marketers. They may know of some companies with high quality services that they can refer to you.

Nonetheless, this short tour that gave the insiders’ view on how some paid leads services work should erase all doubts regarding the effectiveness of the option to purchase leads. It is clear that this paid leads is not bad for search engine optimization at all, but your business can even be pushed further to success when you use the services of firms that you can truly trust.

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