Building a Backlink Profile?

Discover the Secrets on How to Profile Backlinks Clean

Every website or business owner aims to make it on top of SERPs, or at the very least find their website on the first page of Google’s much coveted and widely used search results. One way to do this which was proved effective over the years is to create a healthy profile of backlinks. Link building strategies has been a part of search engine optimization for a long time that it has in itself become a business on its own.

But what does a good backlink profile even mean?

One update after another, Google rolls out the standards of what makes a backlink legit and reliable and what makes it suspicious or spam.

Before, web masters would just bombard their websites with backlinks without even giving much consideration on its quality. Now, quantity is no longer the way to go. Black hat SEO tactics, that is, the methods which are disproved by the search engine authority sinks down a website to SERPs or worse, penalizes it so that it suffers in page ranking, quality of website traffic, and business revenues.

What Kind of Backlinks Does Google Approve?

Google considers the backlink profile of website as its measure of credibility Dubious sites linking to a page make it a suspicious site itself, whether or not the owner of the business is aware of the unwarranted links connected to it.

To score high in Google’s parameters of high quality backlinks, here are the kinds of links web masters should aim to build:

  • High Page Rank Backlinks

A single PR 5 backlink is comparable to more than a thousand of 0 to 1 backlink. This is the power of a high PR backlink in boosting up one’s website.

Many website owners, especially the novice ones, think that getting high PR backlinks is difficult and costly. This is why they resort to low ranking ones and bombard their websites with it thinking that quantity will make up for quality. This tactic, although it has worked for many years, is now considered a black hat or punishable SEO method.

Getting high PR backlinks is one of the wisest decisions a web master can make, especially if their website is fairly new and is just beginning to expand its reach. Such a feat can be attained through the help of a professional SEO company or the company’s own SEO team.

  • Implied Links

Remember that building backlinks is a risky business. Even with its release of algorithms and updates, it is only Google that knows the twists and turns of what makes up a website that will land on its topmost results.

That is why it always pays to play on the safe side, especially for start-up websites which have to maintain a clean profile in order to build its credibility.

One of the safest types of backlinks are implied backlinks. These are not real hyperlinks but are just links to mention a domain or website in a way that would give tremendous benefit to the recipient site.

  • Editorial Links

A third-party citation is worth a lot, if not more, to Google compared to white hat SEO techniques. One such way to get it is through editorial back links.

These are the type which are attained through non-promotional, unbiased, and organic sources. Editorial back links give a website a sense of reputation as seen through third parties. Google, as well as other search engines, value the reviews, tags, and connections made possible by editorial links.

  • Social Back links or Social Signals

Google rolled out an update to include hash tags and Twitter results. The search engine authority also records shares and likes through Facebook. Other social platforms that create a noise in SERPs are LinkedIn, Reddit, and StumbleUpon.

Social networking sites are now indispensable when rating or ranking a website. In the past years, survey after survey by SEO consultancy experts reveal that more and more consumers are resorting to social sites to find a product. Whatever information they find in their social searches serve as deciding factor whether the searchers will turn into customers.

  • Guest Posting

Guest posting is a risky backlink to invest in. But when done right, its advantages are limitless. Guest posting approaches are known to change as Google shifts its algorithm. However, the principle is the same: guest posting backlinks should be done in an altruistic manner to build trust and credibility to a business.

Internet users are easily exasperated of websites which talk non-stop about themselves without explaining how it can be beneficial to the user. It appears that Google also thinks self-promoting websites or backlinks are a definite red flag.

A web of links connected to one business is a sure way to build its credibility and heighten its prominence online. However, building backlinks is tricky and complex. One has to build the type of links which can do their business good and not harm. High page rank backlinks, implied links, editorial links, social signals or citations, and guest postings are the kinds of links one should engage in as these have the much coveted Google seal of approval.

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