Ways To Gain More Pinterest Followers Rather Than Buying Fans

Pinterest may be the hottest social media craze but it proves to be much more challenging for business pages. Unlike Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Pinterest appears to be challenging that only few create an account.

This is the hub of people with affinity to arts and crafts. People share common interests and passion through Pinterest that some businesses find it a challenge to introduce their brands.

Before you start buying Pinterest followers, make sure you have tried out these tricks to build your fan base:

  1. Tie in Your Pinterest Page with Your Other Social Media

Let your Facebook fans and Twitter followers know they can check you out in Pinterest! Integrating your social pages makes it easier for fans to connect with you and share your content. In addition, you can set up your Pinterest so that every pin is also posted in Facebook and Twitter. Chances are, your followers also hold different social pages so that following you on Facebook and Twitter prompt them to naturally follow you on Pinterest.

  1. Create Boards Supplementary to Your Pins

Succeeding in Pinterest depends on the creativity and imagination of the user. If your business revolves around dog training, you can create a board which provides a synopsis of your blog posts. You can post pins which relate to the followers certain products you recommend for training their pets. This makes your content organized but visually aesthetic.

  1. Follow Other Pinterest Users

Following other Pinners will update you on the latest trends of your line of business, give you fresh ideas, let other users know about your page, and give you an opportunity to find users who complement your service. This social media is after all about finding people of the same interests. No amount of paid for Pinterest followers can top finding users who truly share your passion.

  1. Make Your Pins Easy to Share

Spread out your Pinterest buttons as often and as relevantly as possible. Since this is a budding network, giving users as much opportunity to share your content as possible makes an effective lead for other users to follow you. You can incorporate the Pinterest pins to your product pages, blog posts, and site homepage.

  1. Post Pins Regularly

The oldest and surest way to build social network presence is make sure your page is naturally active. This means posting pins regularly so that users will know your page is a working account. Overdoing this by posting pin after pin won’t do either. Bombarding people with your content creates a noisy feed that will urge them to un-follow. The key is to not only make the content relevant but the frequency of your pins flow naturally.

  1. Negotiate a Pin Exchange

Because it’s tacky to post too frequently, you can have other Pinners to expand your network by posting for you! This is why it’s a good idea to team up with other Pinterest business admins. Find pages which supplement what your company can offer. If your business is baking delicious and creative cakes, find companies who can recommend you to their clients like party organizers or wedding planners. Make sure to help your own followers by promoting their brands, too.

  1. Create Tutorials

Like forum posting and blog writing, creating tutorials through Pinterest can effectively hook users while giving you an image of authority for your niche. A step-by-step guide to assist people in their passions through using your products will encourage them to be regular clients.

Although Pinterest appear to be a challenging network to penetrate, there are other effective ways to get a fan base other than buying followers for Pinterest.

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