Is Marketing in Forums for SEO Still Effective Today

Forum marketing was once a popular SEO strategy, but over time the popularity of this method in search engine optimization has gradually diminished. This started when Google unleashed the dreaded Penguin algorithm update that rocked the SEO world with a big bang. Many websites, some of them are high profile blogs, lost their high page […]

How to Handle Negative Comments from Social Media Fans

Social media marketing is one of the best ways to drive web page traffic. This promotional strategy is now being used not only by internet marketers but social marketing is also being done by many Fortune 500 companies. In fact, about 58% of the companies listed in the Fortune 500 have Facebook page as part […]

5-Stage Link Building Strategies that Can Improve Your Google PageRank

Some traditional methods of building backlinks still work. But in an increasingly competitive search engine landscape you need to go beyond the norms and excel in order to stay ahead of the rest. A lot of new blog-owners today hop in right away on the bandwagon of backlink building, notwithstanding the different stages one must […]

Important Google Algorithm Changes Every Blogger Must be Aware Of

  Google constantly changes its algorithm ranking system. In fact, it is making more than a hundred modifications in a year, and a couple of changes every month. This only shows how fast the search engine landscape evolves over time. If you are not updated on the current changes in its ranking algorithm, you may […]

Why Advertisers Today Cannot Afford To Ignore Online Advertising

If you have or manage a small to medium-sized company, then odds are that you do not need to be reminded of what sort of market we are now operating in. You likely already understand too as anybody all regarding the possible issues and stumbling blocks which come from operating your own company in today’s […]

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