Changing IP Address

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The Internet Protocol or IP is the identity of a machine communicating in the internet. Although the internet cannot trace a user’s specific identity in one stroke, it can start from knowing a user’s IP address.

Every online activity done is affected be one’s IP address: from paying bills to chatting with friends, from watching movies to downloading music.

Social networks and business websites maintain administration and pump up their sites through the help of IP address. The information that this series of digits provide help web owners find out their active visitors and mask the troublemaking ones.

E-commerce websites run promotions and surveys and filter out the eligible candidates through the help of IPs. Other sites block out addresses from certain countries for security or marketing purposes.

There is an increasing number of resolved criminal cases wherein suspects were traced through the help of IP addresses detected from their online activities. One of the top information that hackers get in order to infiltrate the systems of their victims is their IP address.

Because of this weight of importance and influence, it is but common for users to want to mask or change their IP address.

The reasons for wanting to change one’s IP address are usually for security and privacy. However, other reasons also include gaining accessibility to some networks or websites.

When an IP address has been blocked, it can no longer send messages or access the services of a certain website from which it is filtered out.

But changing one’s IP can lift this off. Users don’t necessarily have to change their device in order to communicate in the internet using a different IP address. All they need to do is change the series of numbers their device is known for and they can resume sending messages or using the services of the website they want to get into.

Legal Issues

Certain laws have been put up in different countries to protect users from internet-related abuse. International agencies were also commissioned to ensure safe online experience.

Does changing one’s IP address clash with these laws and agencies?

In only a handful of countries it is an issue to change one’s IP address. Most nations allow, if not promote changing IP address regularly. This is because IP change is an effective security measure. It wards off hackers from monitoring your online activities. It also ensures you are not stuck with an address which is blocked in websites due to the mischief of other users who have previously used your address.

The ABCs of Changing One’s IP Address

Here are the simple steps to help you change your IP Address:

  1. Disconnect the modem for a night. Residential internet subscribers are assigned with a dynamic IP address. This means the IP changes every time the user is connected or disconnected online. When users with dynamic IP address disconnect for a while, their internet service providers will provide them with a new one the next time they log on online.

Some internet service providers changes an IP quickly. Instead of waiting overnight, users can just reboot their device.


  1. For business establishments, static IP addresses are given by internet service providers. When this type of subscribers opt to change their IP for whatever reason, they would need to contact their providers for a change request.


  1. For users connecting through a router, changing an IP address can easily be done by connecting to the modem directly.


  1. The use of Virtual Private Networks or VPN and proxies is also another way of changing an IP address.


Private IP Users

The above steps apply for public IPs. For users employing a private address, changing an IP can be done through the command prompt. The process may vary depending on the device and operating systems use.

More Reasons to Change IP

It keeps cyber criminals at bay. The World Wide Web is an open field that tracks one’s activities long after the user has cleaned their browser cookies and search history.

All it takes for a cyber-criminal to hack into your privacy is to get a hold of your IP address. Changing one’s IP takes possible threats off the trail.

Business websites also spam the Inbox of consumers with their marketing propaganda. Having an IP address change will prevent these companies from bombarding you with unsolicited offers and ads.

Forums and websites showing movies and TV shows also filter out visitors through IP address. The facilities offered in these websites are exclusive to some countries or internet subscribers only. However, one quick IP change enables access to users whose IPs have been filtered out.

Why IP Change is Relevant to You

Gone are the days when the internet is used for work and recreation purposes only. Now, it has already infiltrated the everyday lives of people regardless of the amount of time they spend online.

Because of this, changing one’s IP address is no longer a move exclusive for businesses or website administrators or victims of abusive email messaging.

The act of changing one’s IP address puts up a protective barrier that keeps away threats and dangers that can balloon from seemingly innocent online tasks. Just as the internet has become an indispensable part of a person’s daily routine, so is changing an IP address a vital part of one’s online activity.

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