Check Out 2015’s Best Alternatives for Google AdSense

Google is big on quality and uniqueness of content when it comes to admitting websites into its AdSense program. Even if a website or blog has been successfully verified, Google reserves no qualms in banning it if it feels that the site is not up to par with its standards.

Google AdSense has the highest revenue shares among other advertising networks that is why people are scrambling to display Google ads in their sites. But how can you deal if Google has banned you from its AdSense program?

Fortunately, there are various alternatives to exert your efforts on when Google has disabled or suspended your account. Instead of re-appealing with Google, check out these Google AdSense alternatives which may be perfect for your site:

  1. Revenue Hits

Why You Should Sign Up:

  • Fast, if not Immediate, Approval
  • Instant Account Activation
  • Fast and Easy Setup for Tags
  • International Coverage

Revenue Hits is a performance-based advertising network. This means that the company will pay its users based on CPA results which is relevant for various niches. The ad network also provides CPC and CPM models.

This outstanding contender for AdSense has different channels for monetization available for its users. You can make money through a host of channels such as pop-unders, sliders, banner ads, and buttons among others. The company utilizes NET30 (payment after 30 days) and users can get paid through Paypal, Payoneer, or wire transfer.

  1. Tribal Fusion

Why You Should Sign Up:

  • Billions of Impressions Every Month
  • High Profile Web Publishers with Targeted Ad Placements
  • Advanced Technology
  • Variety of Channels Available

Tribal Fusion is the partner of big businesses whose websites are garnering millions of traffic per month. Not even the most influential of brands are immune to Google penalties. For viral websites which have been banned by Google, Tribal Fusion is the best AdSense substitute.

The ad network requires a minimum of 500,000 unique visitors a month as requirement. It boasts of high CPM rates, an advance interface where users can manage their campaigns, and high standards in advertisers.

  1. Propeller Ads Media

Why You Should Sign Up:

  • 100% Monetization Inventory
  • Referral Programs Up to 5%
  • Detailed Statistics Available Real-Time
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Propeller Ads Media offers its publishers with payouts of 200% higher compared to other advertising networks in the market. Considered as one of the largest pop-under platforms, Propeller Ads Media specializes in wide-ranging niches such as videos and movies, dating, software, games, entertainment, gambling, and finances.

Propeller Ads Media also understands the need to keep up with the times. That is why it provides mobile ads option for banners, mobile click-unders, banners, dialogAds, and interstitial ads.

  1. Adversal

Why You Should Sign Up:

For Publishers:

  • 100% Fill Rate
  • Multiple Payment Options such as Paypal, Wire, ACH, or Check
  • Net 35 Basis
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Various Ad Formats
  • Minimum of $20 Payment

For Advertisers:

  • Fast Setup
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Different Banner Size Availability
  • Pop-Under Ads
  • $25 Minimum Deposit
  • Credit Card and Paypal Accepted

Adversal is another tough contender for Google AdSense. The ad network takes pride in its RTB or real-time bidding capability. This enables advertising inventory in real-time to manage supply and demand continuously.

  1. PopAds

Why You Should Sign Up:

  • Tight Security Measures
  • Quick Payments
  • Dynamic Market Availability
  • Excellent Customer Support

PopAds offers its advertisers with full control over targeting options. This includes keyword, category, time, and country targets. Advertisers of PopAds can also alter their maximal bid anytime in order to regulate quality and traffic speed.

For publishers using PopAds, they have the option to select the rate, minimal price of a popunder, and rate of popunders shown daily. Users are gravitated towards PopAds because it offers the ability to withdraw ad revenues anytime through AlertPay or Paypal. This is breathe of fresh air from ad networks which require users to wait for 30 to 60 days to be paid.

PopAds also offers customer support through email and chat. The ad network also provides help for customers to report abuse such as viruses, slow loading speed, adult content, instantly playing videos or sound, and extra pop-unders or pop-ups.

Gone are the days when Google AdSense dominated affiliate marketing. Now, different ad networks are at the disposal of both publishers and advertisers alike as lucrative alternatives for AdSense. By trying out these networks, you may find that these contenders may actually be the perfect fit to optimize your website and make money through ads.

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