Top Link Building Device Of Twenty Fourteen!

The question of how to link build is now as important as what backlink building tools to use. If you have been promoting your website for a long time, you are aware that quality backlink search does not come easy.

That is why the leading SEO journals and experts have polled different domain owners with different niches to discover what works best when link building.

.Here are the top backlinks building tools of 2014:



Mozbar or SEOMoz is a free program launched by Firefox and Chrome. This backlink building service displays automatic backlinks of high relevance prospecting data within your favourite browsers. It features a way to highlight follow links in contrast to the no follow ones and compares external and internal links. It also determines the presence of particular key words which allows users to target the specific links and keywords their competitors are aiming for.

Link Research Tool


Link research proves true to its name by going beyond merely providing which links to go after. It goes deeper by offering sufficient information to the user of what particular attributes to focus on. The unique programming of Link Research can detect if a website needs to aim for branding links or SEO. It can also assess how the user’s current link profile fare compared to competing websites. This backlinking service tool can also help domain owners determine the contributing factors as to why their rank has decreased within SERP’s.

Raven Tools


Raven tools may be pricey at $99/month but this backlink building service can offer domain owners a deal that would double their money back. With their innovative programming, raven tools boasts of their advanced Link Manager feature that allows users’ access to prospective link partners.

This program can instantly capture the contact information of the potential web owners and send out standard messages requested for link partnership. All these features can be done from one window.

Majestic SEO


Majestic SEO is majestically informative: it allows users to check the sites linking to competing websites. This, in turn, enables them to assess and determine techniques to beat their competitors in the SERPs and gives users ideas on how to get back on track by building links back to their own site.

Majestic SEO also provides free report for their users’ sites to help them trace the link sources and activities of their domains.



The makers of Ontolo understand that a lot of guess work is involved in link building. This is why the obscurity often associated to building website links is no longer a problem with this tool. It provides users advanced link profiling for competitors and automated link prospecting technique which sets it apart from others.

Starting at a price of $97/month for subscription, Ontolo cuts backlink building time in half so users can instead focus on link analysis.



Search Engine Watch, a leading name in SEO, only has high regards for this link building service. The program offers variety of services such as prospect relationship management modules, link research, and a program to track and analyse back links.

Because it starts at $30/month for a plan, this is an excellent tool for starting domain masters.



The program used by WhoLinkstoMe is as straightforward as its domain name: it offers reports analysing the different backlinks existing for a website. It gives users the opportunity to understand their backlink profile to make corrections or updates.

Like the nature of this technique, there is no one link building road to success. That is why testing out these different tools with their varied features is a good link building strategy.

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