Broken LinkBuilding Might Help You In Business, Know How!

Broken link building may have been shunned in SEO practice before but it has certainly made a significant comeback. The constant updates of search engine algorithms made broken back links a lot of good in that it once again benefit websites.

Google Penguin made several actions to combat suspiciously unnatural links. In fact, link builders and other SEO methods were cut almost by half because of this update. This change brought about the usage of backlinks for certain types of websites.

In order to better understand how this system works, it is best to review the fundamentals of broken link building:

  • First, check out relevant domains which contains broken links
  • Evaluate which of these dead or broken links could be substituted for links pointing to your content
  • Contact the domain owner and make the necessary negotiations to bring about the exchange

Check out if your business can take advantage of this technique. Here are the websites which can generate favorable results from dead links:


The expanse of uses for blog owners regarding broken links goes as far as their imagination. For example, your blog is a hub for the latest make-up trends. What you need to search for are the following:

  • Websites which are on the same league as your own, that is, sites which discuss make-up brands, tackles make-up techniques, or beauty blogs
  • Websites containing blogroll. Blogrolls refer to recommended sites or pages of the same purpose

Among the results that come up from your search, examine if some links are broken and if it contains links which can generate good SEO results.

Once you detect the dead links, reach out to their owner and ask if you can instead link your own website. There is a new feature in Gmail which allows users to contact anyone with Google Plus One.

E-Commerce Sites

Building links to a website using broken URLs for e-commerce domains is best carried out when the site in question takes a distinct area of specialty. For example, e-commerce sites which focus on gardening tools and related products should look into the following:

  • Websites about gardening services and equipment.
  • Websites displaying landscape designs.
  • Websites for garden enthusiasts.

In the same way, look out for links which are no longer working. Detect these and contact the owners for a possible swap. In the event that the broken links are a poor match to your niche or domain name, you can still ask the owners if they can consider displaying your business in their page.

Service Providers

What kind of services can complement yours?

For example, people with cake designing business can search for the following to benefit their brand:

  • Websites of party organizers, wedding planners, or event organizers.
  • Websites for baking equipment, ingredients, or tips.
  • DIY blogs for baking and cake enthusiasts.

Among the results, find the broken links. If there are numerous dead links, it is also best practice to choose one which has the higher PR value and one which resonates closest to your service.

Solo Consultants and Freelancers

Link building is especially challenging for freelancers. This does not mean that it isn’t doable. The secret is to establish a solid marketing technique.

Find freelancers who have legitimate and lucrative websites who are willing to link your page to their own. You can do this by using the keyword links and make varied versions such as useful links, recommended links, or recommended sites.

As with any other SEO strategy, building links through this process can be accomplished well by testing out different methods. There are many link checkers available online that can help you assess the results in the long run.

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