Discover the 20 Influential Social Bookmarking Sites of 2014

Is it possible to top online visibility in major search engines and gain heightened site traffic through one service?

This deal may sound too good to be true but fortunately for SEO marketers and web owners, it is true in the case of social book marking services.

As more and more people discover the treasure trove that is social bookmarking service, the more sites are budding every day for its sole purpose.

Here are the most popular social bookmarking websites for 2014 in no particular order:

StumbleUpon (

A brainchild of eBay, StumbleUpon is a wealth of a website: it has different arrays of features and services ranging from social bookmarking, networking, voting, blogging, search, and web surfing. Boasting of a user base of 3 million people, it can drive powerful traffic to websites.

Digg (

Digg has changed the arena of social news sites and for good reason: it has influential authority and powerful listing. A listing on Digg, even if it has a couple of votes only, can rank a website high on search engines, even through Google. A website that can make it to the homepage of Digg and is shared or voted on in the website is guaranteed to receive major traffic and exposure to other bloggers.

BlogBookMark (

Even with bookmarking sites, there are different domains which cater to different niches. Such is the case for which specifically targets blog hunters. This is an indispensable site for the mainstream bloggers. The site takes pride in its blog authority – from the hottest news and the juiciest gossip to the current chatter of bloggers from all over the world.

Delicious (

This website has been tagged by hundreds of users to be the ultimate social bookmarking site. It can allow users to conveniently add multiple sites to their own collection of bookmarked pages. It also has the helpful feature which lets users categorize their bookmarks through different key words.

The website also has a viable attribute to benefit web owners: sites which have the most number of bookmarks land their popular page which provides major exposure to other users. This feat can drive site traffic easily. This website is owned by Yahoo and is a gem for bookmarking and social media marketing strategy.

Gather (

True to its name, the website helps people of the same passions and interests find an online meeting hub.

Through this site, users can submit blog posts, articles, and tags for their websites. The authority website also makes it possible to link out articles using their service.

Yahoo! Bookmarks (

Yahoo may have launched delicious but this major site still allows users to utilize Yahoo Bookmarks. Its popularity is gleaned from millions of Yahoo users who are able to bookmark their favourite pages in the Yahoo Toolbar. Users can easily access their bookmarked pages anywhere using any computer by simply logging in to their Yahoo account.

mySiteVote (

Aimed for allowing users to vote for their favourite sites, mySiteVote makes it possible for people to view which websites are the most popular through the number of recommendations they get from fellow users.

Newsvine (

It is this site’s mission to gather both big and small media alike. Users who are keen on established journalism will find Newsvine relevant.

Reddit (

Reddit is one of the hottest websites online today. It has timely and shocking news content. Well-voted for stories on Reddit can drive major traffic to its source website.

Markaboo (

This website allows users to save files, notes, and websites directly from their email, browsers, and even mobile devices.

Experts and common web owners polled these top sites for social bookmarking based on their actual experience.


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