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Internet Traffic is the lifeblood to any web business. photo courtesy of creative commons.

If you’re an ambitious entrepreneur and want your website to generate profits, that means you need a consistent flow of customers to your site.  One of the best ways you can generate that ongoing stream of traffic instantly is by buying website traffic from a vendor.

But, what does it mean to purchase traffic?  How does it work?  Does the thought of buying website traffic make you feel uncomfortable?  After all, the search engines want you to believe that organic traffic or paid absence traffic are the only way to go.

To help you understand why buying traffic makes sense, we’ve created a detailed guide to help explain this powerful way to send visitors to your website.

How Buying Web Traffic Works

There are millions of visitors out there ready to be routed to your website from expired domains, directory links and advertising networks. Expired Domains are simply websites that were never renewed by their owner, but still ‘rank’ high in the search engines for keywords.  Directory links come from directory websites.  People visit these sites and click on a topic or keyword and get routed to your website.  Finally, Advertising networks clicks will route to your site depending on the visitors interest.  In all three cases, these are real people searching for the keywords, products, services, education or entertainment your website provides. We simply categorize our sites and links into niches so you simply select the niche of the visitors that will be redirected to your website.  In addition to category, we also match visitors by geography meaning if you only want visitors from the USA, American visitors is what you will get.  The same goes for over 200 countries! This means you match your visitors to whatever you offer!

Know the Benefits of Buying Website Traffic

benefits of buying website traffic1.  One of the biggest benefit of spending cash in order to gain traffic for your website is that you’ll minimize your reliance on organic web traffic.  Frankly, putting too much faith in search engines and organic traffic can be disastrous.  With the ever-changing landscape of search engine updates, a once high ranking site can plummet off the first page over night.  What does it take to get your site back up on the SERP?  That’s a great question.  And one that takes time, resources and energy to figure out.  In the meantime, you can get instant traffic to your website.

2.  Another great benefit is that you’ll be able to help determine who visits your site.  For example, does your site cater to visitors from a certain country?  Maybe you’re looking for customers who have a specific need or are searching for just the right product.    Purchasing traffic lets you narrow down your customers based on several criteria.  That means you are more likely to convert a paid visitor into a paying customer!

3.  Paid traffic can be very affordable.  It’s one of those little secrets that many entrepreneurs know but may not share.  If you’ve ever looked into Adwords or CPC rates, you know just how expensive targeted traffic can be.  Adword CPC rates are skyrocketing to and new Google Ad layout policies are only going to raise rates and hurt organic traffic more.  Buying traffic is a great strategy to overcome these changes.  While Adwords commonly cost dollars, paid traffic only costs cents!  Purchasing website hits is an absolute bargain!

Getting targeted traffic to your site doesn’t have to break the bank.  Do your research, and find an ethical seller who will work with you to tailor your traffic campaign to suit your needs and will provide good customer service.  When you have a provider you can trust, then you’re getting the most out of your advertising dollar.

If you’d like to find our more information, please check out traffic rates and details here.


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