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Video marketing secrets revealedExclusive Social Media Page Optimization Technique

Every year marks a different hoard of trends when it comes to search engine and social media optimization. The year 2015 has been dubbed as the year of mobile traffic and video content. Now, social networking platforms have incorporated easier ways in which to post, share, and promote content in video format.

Facebook has surpassed YouTube in the previous year for most viewed videos on desktop. Pinterest now provides services on uploading or sharing video posts. Vines and Snapchats are steadily gaining thousands of followers by the day. All these developments only prove that video marketing is the hottest commodity in social media page optimization.

Discovering the Reason Behind Video Marketing Success

In order to fully grasp the importance of video marketing, it is crucial to understand its power. Users tend to be 100% engaged when watching a video as compared to reading web articles. Short video clips are fun, easy to digest, and more memorable. Users are more inclined to remember and talk to their peers about a video than about an article.

How do you go about leveraging this high engagement marketing venue?

Knowing What Followers Want to See

In order to gain such engagement from the audience, users have to know what their followers prefer to watch.

According to an infographic study pertaining to video marketing:

  • 67% of social media followers like watching Instructional Videos
  • 64% of social media users watch Videos to gain Product and Service Knowledge
  • 64% of social medial users enjoy Humorous Videos

With a high engagement and response rate such as these, it’s only fitting to deliver the best video to capture the audience’s attention.

Here are the ways in which to boost social media page optimization through effective video marketing:

  1. Using Strategic Cross-Platform Channels to Coordinate Videos

Businesses which maintain multiple online niches need to have uniformity in the content shared. The company’s official website, Facebook fan page, Twitter account, Instagram profile, and Google+ account should all mirror and disseminate the same posts at the same time.

Most followers which Liked a page on Facebook will be likely to search for the brand in their other social networks such as Instagram or Twitter. Some people may only be subscribed to one social network. Other users may want to confirm a post is legitimate by checking multiple channels.

All these realities emphasize why companies should ensure there is uniformity in the videos or content they post on their online niches.

A uniform marketing promotion also helps the market identify the campaign better. It also gives brand familiarization so followers can easily associate with the company no matter where they access it.

  1. Utilizing Vines to Promote Videos

While other social networking sites struggle to contend with giants such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Vines has been a viral success since it hit the internet.

The social networking platform embodies the smartphone generation in a gist: fast, informative, and entertaining. Vines videos run for six seconds only. This poses a challenge to the Creatives team to come up with a content that is information-packed but also entertaining and easily remembered.

Some famous brands which have already garnered success through Vines are HTC, Puma, and Xbox.

  1. Capitalizing on Instagram Videos

Instagram enjoys more audience and higher popularity rate as compared to Vines. It also provides longer video looping. The photo-sharing network now allows 15-second long videos which business pages can bank on.

Instagram also allows editing options so that users can enhance their content before posting. The network also has multiple sharing options so that videos on Instagram can also be shared through Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr, and Twitter.

  1. Promoting Videos Through Tweets

Although Facebook is the social networking platform with the most number of active users and highest engagement, Twitter dominates the SERPs.

Google has already incorporated Twitter posts and hashtags in its search result pages. Even though Twitter still has a 140-character constraint on its posts, promoting videos through Tweets and hashtags will help maximize the reach of the ads.

  1. Optimizing Facebook Videos

When Facebook surpassed YouTube with the most viewed videos on PC in 2014, video marketing has turned a significant shift. Now, business pages no longer have to rely on YouTube to promote their video ads on Facebook. Users can now directly upload high definition videos which can run for as long as 20 minutes.

According to Socialbakers, an approximate of 8.7% organic reach can be achieved by videos directly posted on Facebook.

The key to successful marketing is knowing the target audience’s language. Right now, businesses can best level with their target market through videos posted on social media. Getting Twitter followers, Instagram shares, and Facebook likes will follow suit after practicing these social media page optimization techniques.

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