Ethical and Effective Ways to Get Targeted Traffic

When it comes to targeted traffic on your website, there is no stone you can afford to unturned. You need to go to the extra mile to make sure your website get maximum traffic and more importantly your website get visitors who are already interested in your products or services. Fol

lowing are some effective and ethical techniques to get targeted traffic on your website to increase your conversion rate and reduce your bounce rate.

get targeted traffic to your website

get targeted traffic to your website


Content optimization

Of course contents are one of the most important parts of your marketing and advertising campaign. You need o optimize your articles, posts and other contents in order to get maximum benefits from them. There is no way you can effectively use junk on your website as search engines like Bing and Google are smart enough to differentiate between both. There are three important things that you must know while optimizing your contents; title,

description and keywords.


The days of using short keywords and keyword stuffing are over. That means you cannot possible target everyone but instead you need to refine and redefine your strategies. The most important part is to understand the needs of your target audience; what they want and what kind of things they are searching for.
You must know what kind of search terms they usually use while searching for the products and services you offer. Instead of using shorter keywords with high volume, focus on long tail keywords with lesser volume and lesser competition. This way you can effectively get targeted traffic.

Post regularly

Posting great contents on your website is not a one-time thing but you need to do that regularly because of two reasons; search engines crawl website regularly and when they see activity on your website, they increase its value and rank. On the other hand, posting regularly it important because that’s what your readers want.
The internet is full of information and billions of websites; that means what you are offering someone is also offering that same product of services. If you wouldn’t post fresh contents for your readers and visitors, they would move to other websites where they can find fresh articles and posts.

Use online tools

There are thousands of online tools and websites available that help you learn about your audience, customers and readers. You can use those tools to see what your customers want and what search terms they use. Some of the popular online tools and services are SEMRush, Google Keyword Tools and Google Trends. SEMRush is a pretty amazing website that allows you to see which keywords are targeted by your competitors and it has many other features too.
Google Keyword Tools is probably the most popular and widely used services that thousands of online marketers use every day. As the name suggests, it allows them to decide which keywords they should focus on.

Reduce bounce rate

Bounce rate refers to the number of people who came to your website and they left after a while without visiting another page. A normal bounce rate depends upon the nature of your website and many other factors. Usually 40-60% bounce rate is considered normal but it could vary drastically.
There are number of things you can do to reduce your website bounce rate. Some of the popular techniques are building and testing multiple different landing pages. Another common method is to define ‘negative keywords’. Negative keywords refer to keywords that you don’t want to be associated with your website because of irrelevancy.

Quality Content

That’s no brainer; you must give priority to your contents and your readers to get targeted traffic. Of course you are using keywords to help search engines like Google understand your website, services, products and contents but it shouldn’t be your main focus. It is your readers and visitors that matter the most. You must try to maximize the value of your contents so they could be valuable to your readers.

Build a community

Of course building a community around your website, products and services is not that easy but you can start from one point and move forward. Social media like Twitter and Facebook can help you advertise your website to the right people based on demographics like age, gender, geographical location and many other factors.

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