Article Marketers Valuable Information: A Strategy That Can Improve Article Writing And Efficiency.

While productivity is imperative in work places, its importance has blown out of proportions when it drove employees to spend more and more hours in the working place. Even though increased productivity is enviable, it also comes with a price in the form of work-related stress.

While most people wear their work-related stress like a badge of honour, being burned out does little, if any, when one’s field of work is related to creativity such as content writing and marketing. Work quality and quantity suffers if you’re stumped out of ideas because of exhaustion.

Luckily, there are workarounds to help you be more productive without having to extend hours labouring on your desk.

Productivity Technic #1

Steer Clear from Distractions

Procrastinating kills more productive hours than stress does. However, there are also distractions which appear to be reasonable such as meetings, reading and answering emails, or finishing errands online. Before you know it, you’re browsing on websites which were not necessarily on your plan.

It may sound elementary but steering clear from distractions is actually one of the most effective way to increase productivity. Turn off your mobile phone or switch it to Silent mode, close all unrelated browsers, and tackle a task one step at a time.

Special Tool for this Technic: RescueTime

RescueTime makes you accountable for your time online. This software can track computer usage and shows the users how they are spending their time online.

True to its name, RescueTime helps users save time by its important features such as the ability to block certain websites for a specific amount of time, options for goal tracking, alerts, as well as other productivity devices.

Productivity Technic #2

Find a Clean, Simple Writing Environment

Different content marketers have different choices of platform in their creative work. However, consider that Google Drive is just a tab and click away from distractions and Word often worsens creative block more than helping it.

Look for an environment that is conducive for creativity but far from unnecessary visual disruptions.

Special Tool for this Technic: OmmWriter

The OmmWriter tool has been a favourite of content writers and marketers for years because of its minimalist program and clean interface. Much of the website’s user interface fades away when the user starts typing. A calming background and cursor leaves the user with a peaceful atmosphere while coming up with creative ideas. The website even has an optional soothing soundtrack.

Productivity Technic #3

Be Obstinately Organized

Clutter not only gets you distracted, it also consumes valuable time. The time you could spend on brainstorming and writing are wasted instead on looking for links to relevant subjects or tools to aid your work.

Special Tool for this Technic: Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote is famous for allowing users access to easy research, option to save sites and content which may have interested them, even if the link disappears, and the ability to read or access their info anywhere.

Users can save a host of information through this tool: from text to images, from multimedia to .gifs, and even videos.

Productivity Technic #4

Get into the Zone and Stay There

That state of concentration wherein you get more work done in just a short span of time with no distractions and a continuous flow of ideas – this is the zone every content marketer or creative writer gets into.

Finding one’s zone is one thing but the ability to stay there is a whole different matter.

Special Tool for this Technic: RainyMood

Studies show that people can concentrate more when there is a background sound compared to absolute silence. Silence gets creative workers restless whereas a low, steady background keeps them in the zone of concentration. This is what is provided by the RainyMood tool. Created to provide a calming atmosphere, this tool has earned over a million fans on Facebook because of its effectiveness.

Productivity Technic #5

Master Your To-Do List

Don’t feel discouraged if you fall short of keeping up with your to-do list. There are many researches which show that humans are not built for multi-tasking. So instead of dreading your to-do list, find workarounds to overcome it.

Special Tool for this Technic: Todoist

Todoist has gained the trust of millions of people in the world over. It is accessible through several OS and devices to help users organize their tasks whether they are on their desk or on the go.

Productivity Technic #6

Delegate the Task

Instead of carrying the workload alone, delegate it to trustworthy people who can help you accomplish your goals. In so doing, you don’t stress over meeting a deadline or cram ideas into your work.

Special Tool for this Technic: PRC

PRC has been helping site owners improve their websites and expand their influence online. Aside from backlinks building and optimization of site visitors, it also offers articles submissions services. More than putting words onto paper, the website can also make your content visible in over a hundred web directories, various message boards, and search engines.

Productivity for you does not have to mean work-related stress and extending working hours. Through these technics and tools, productivity and improved content creation for websites opens you up for the freedom to do other things that matter, in both business and personal life.

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