Billion-Dollar Companies Hot Topic: Learn Advertising Campaigns Strategies!

Have you ever wondered how some businesses generate billions while other struggle with the economy?

What makes successful businesses tick? Traditional and online SEO marketing has been around for a while now. Many tricks have been tried and copied by one company from another.

Buying backlinks, posting on blog directories, and paying for YouTube views sound like tricks that could catapult your business. But would these be enough to sustain your business in the long run?

Here are a few lessons you can learn from big-time brands as shared by their marketing strategy teams:

 Lesson #1:

Educate Your Clients

Mint, a billion-dollar company, imparts financial literacy to their clients. Because it tackles issues such as money, finance, budgeting, and investing, the company inevitably has to ask for their clients’ sensitive personal information such as credits cards and bank details.

How does the company handle such requirement when people are now more cautious about giving away their personal data online?

Mint established an authoritative image first through creating a blog rich with financial educational content. The company reached out to provide clients with useful information to help them improve their financial status. When people see for themselves the credibility of Mint by applying what they learn, they have proven the trustworthiness of the company and are at ease with providing their information.

Here are tips on educating your clients about your product:

  • Make the objective of the content about how your product can help improve lives.
  • Listen to client feedback and ask how you can customize your content to tailor-fit their needs.
  • Create a follow-up sequence through email and drip to let new subscribers up-to-date with your company.


Find and Validate Your Niche

Facebook started in its creator’s dorm room before it expanded to the influential platform that it is now. Like Facebook, don’t underestimate the early beginnings of a business because it started out small. Facebook expanded exponentially because from the early stages of its creation, it was focused on a very specific niche targeting a specific audience. People tend to gravitate towards products they feel most comfortable with.


Give Out Exciting Incentives

An incentive’s effectiveness is measured by how warmly it is received by the recipients. You can dole out many freebies but you won’t create a bang unless people respond enthusiastically.

AppSumo understands this principle when they put up a giveaway that made them earn 50,000 email subscriptions by the end of the promo: the company hosted a giveaway where ten users can win free Pro for Life accounts from Dropbox. People who have referrals get more entries and chances to win.

AppSumo also introduced Dropbox to more people. Instead of hoarding subscribers to them, AppSumo promoted a brand they support which their users found to be highly useful. That’s content marketing at its savviest!


Get Rid of the Notion SEO Techniques Works for Every Business

Just because buying .edu and .gov links worked for others doesn’t mean it will work for you, too. Buying YouTube views may have made your competitors’ video viral but it could get yours penalized.

Learn from Facebook which did not invest much on content marketing though everybody else is doing it. They relied on word-of-mouth by making their brand more interactive.

AppSumo did not resort to guest posting to market their products. They promoted other products which are of high-relevance to their users who regarded them as top authorities.

These companies may look like they have spent millions to make it big on their industry. The truth is, they started by banking on what their products can offer the world and make this their SEO banner.

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