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benefits of facebook marketingProper timing is essential in many facets in life including marketing using Facebook. There are best times to make some posts, while there also times that will give you poor results no matter how good your post is. To effectively optimize your Facebook marketing campaign, it is important to properly observe the best times to publish the posts where most of your target audiences are online and logged on to this popular social network.

A lot of marketers have failed in their campaign because they missed out on this aspect. For them, the difference doesn’t matter a lot to the results, which is a big mistake. The truth is correct timing of making the post can greatly affect the number of likes, the number of comments, and the number of shares. So if you have specific target to achieve in these parameters, then it is best to become aware of the best time of the day and the best day in a week to blast out your Facebook posts.

It is quite surprising to note that the peak posting time per industry greatly differs. So don’t generalize the data because this will only lead to inaccurate results. If, for instance, for the food and beverage industry the peak Facebook time is Monday, this is not applicable to the health niche. Many studies were made and LinchpinSEO has conducted research about Facebook marketing peak times per industry. Here are some of the results.

But before going into that, it is best to know first the different types of Facebook engagement. For avid users, it is clear that they are as follows: shares, likes, and comments. Of the three, the highest interaction type is the likes, which comprises an astounding 79%. Comments come next at 15%, while shares make up about 6% of FB social engagement. Therefore, if you are formulating your Facebook marketing campaign, focus your target on Likes followed by comments and shares.

Fashion and Clothing

If you’re in a fashion industry, social engagement has an increasing trend starting Sunday, which has the lowest interaction rate. It gradually increases on Monday and all the day to the peak time on Thursday. It makes a slight decrease on Fridays and bounces back on Saturday. After that, the rate takes a dive to the lowest point on Sunday.

Publishing Industry

News and tips are best read during Sundays when people are relaxing at home or on leisure time with their loved ones. Social engagement is 5% above average. However, avoid publishing articles and sharing the post in Facebook on Mondays because social interaction is 7% lower than the average. Many people are still recovering from Monday blues and at the end of the first day of the week, most are already tired and rushing to bed without time to get their Android phones or open their laptops to check the updates in their FB profile page. Saturday is also a day to avoid because the response rate is low. Fans are usually busy partying or traveling and they don’t want to spoil the weekend by reading news.

Technology Industry

This industry is quite different from the rest because weekends have the lowest conversion. The ideal time to post is on Monday because this can potentially generate 30% higher social interaction compared to the rest of the days. Tuesdays come next before taking a dip on Wednesdays, while it bounces back on Thursdays. The lowest time is actually Friday, followed by Saturdays and Sundays. So steer clear from posting during these times if your business falls within this industry.

Travel Industry

If your blog is about travels and attractive destinations, then the best posting time is during weekends. There are countless weekend travelers and many of them are sharing their weekend experiences and travel adventures with their network of friends in this social site via photos. Sundays get the peak engagement at 19% higher than the average. Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays are high as well; just avoid Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays because you will more likely to get fewer likes, just a couple of comments, and low number of shares.

General Retail

For businesses selling retail products and consumer goods, Mondays are the peak time for posting just like the technology industry; however, the rest of the days are more or less at par. Posting on Mondays will generate 19% higher interaction. So if you want your post to get more likes and wildly shared to other members then remember this day. There seems to be no Monday sickness for retail shoppers.


Social interaction about financial matters is quite surprising. Its peak time is not during regular banking hours but on weekends when banks and offices are close. This is due perhaps to preparation for the upcoming financial matters the following week. So if you are under the finance niche, take note that Fridays and Sundays are the best times to publish posts; but Sunday has the highest results. This can bring better social interaction by as much as 29% above the average rate.

Food and Beverages

Dine outs and night time parties are usually held on weekends. Obviously, the peak times for posting in Facebook relating to food and beverages are during weekends, particularly on Saturday. True to the famous dictum that states ‘Thanks God it’s Friday,’ many families spent time to dine out during these times; workers want to relax from the stressful week by going out on a food trip or to go bar hopping with friends, while lovers go out on dinner dates on Fridays and Saturdays. Many of them will usually take pictures to capture the joyous moments and upload them in Facebook, thereby igniting interaction with Facebook followers and friends. So if your site is about food and beverages, then publish articles in your web pages and share them to your FB friends during weekends. This will ignite viral marketing of your blog post via likes, shares, and comments.

Sports Entertainment

It is relatively obvious that the peak posting time in Facebook on matters relating to sports are on weekends, when people are enjoying work-free days and they have the time to spend on their favorite past times like sports. Game results are shared via Facebook, while others go into the details of the competition when sharing their sports entertainment with their network of friends. So if your blog is about boxing, wrestling, golf, and other sports events, then share your blog link to your FB friends on Fridays and Saturdays and there is higher chance that your post will get 17% higher number of likes, shares, and comments than during weekdays.

Beauty and Health

For health and beauty products, the ideal time to share your post is on Monday, which potentially generates 12% higher engagement rate; this is followed by Sunday with an average engagement rate of 11%. The rate will take a tremendous dip on Tuesdays and it will gradually bounce back on Wednesdays through Fridays. So if you are selling fashion clothing, take note that the best posting times are on Sundays and Mondays.

The above statistics doesn’t necessarily apply to all. There are other factors that greatly influence the interaction rate, and observing the peak posting time is just one of them. Nevertheless, it is helpful to observe the peak times to optimize your marketing using Facebook.

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