Five Ways On How To Blend Blog Article Submission With Social Media!

If you are thinking about buying Facebook fans, purchasing Twitter Followers, or paying for Google plus Ones, you’re probably taking aggressive measures to market your social media.

Since social media has taken the world by storm, SEO experts, search engines, and big and small businesses alike have harnessed the power of social networks to get website traffic. Now instead of purchasing visitors to a website, companies would instead buy Facebook likes, YouTube views, or buy Retweets just to get site traffic.

Why? Getting an increased followers and views on social platforms gives a higher chance of content sharing and eventually, allows domain owners to get hits.

Instead of buying followers and views, you can just make use of the tools already within your grasp. Sharing blog posts through your social pages will kick-start the spread of your web content. Now, writing articles and submitting to article directories is no longer the only way submit your links and distribute your content.

Here are the top 5 ways to make the most of article link building through social media:

Ask Your Followers What They Want

Direct, simple, and effective – this is one of the most proficient rules in communicating through social media. Tweet or post a Facebook status asking your fans what they want to see in your page. Then, post articles on your blog regarding the topmost topics. Link the blog posts to your Tweets or Facebook status to let your fan base know you have responded to their request. The more fans you have, the higher the chance of your content being shared. The better the content of your blog posts, the greater is the possibility of it being shared.

.Create a Visually Appealing Post

Social media is all about what grabs the users’ attention the fastest. To do this, you must submit an article that is visually appealing.

Make your title short, thought-provoking, and intriguing. Additionally, couple it with a captivating or exciting picture. This powerful combo shared on Facebook or Twitter is sure to get a click-through and guaranteed visitors to your website.

Predict and Post New Trends

Talked about Subjects on Facebook, Trending Topics on Twitter, and the Popular Page on Instagram – all these vital components of the three social media giants have one thing in common: they display the most hyped up topics people are talking about and sharing around.

Use this to your advantage by being on the lookout for new trends and spinning articles around it. This will guarantee share, follow-throughs, and site visits. It also lets people know you are an authority in current topics and ahead of your competitors.

Bank on the Motivation of Your Followers

A research done by the University of Pennsylvania revealed the following reasons that drive people to click the share button:

  • People share posts to create emotional connection with friends.
  • People share posts that promote positivity or good news.
  • People share articles which reflect their beliefs.
  • People share posts that stir up an awestruck reaction.
  • People share controversial articles.

You can use these as guidelines when brainstorming for a shareable blog topic.

Remind Your Readers to Share Your Posts

Share this article if you agree. Tag a friend who needs to read this. These statements at the end of an article will prompt your readers to spread posts submitted on your blog. It’s simple yet effective.

Of course, you need to be sure social plug-ins is available in your blog or website to make sharing easy and fast. Let your social pages do what you would have paid article directories for.

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