Put Aside LinkBuilding: Top Techniques In Online Business To Make Huge Turn Over

Small businesses find creating online visibility such a tall order – and for good reason. The competition to make a name in the internet is tough, especially if one rivals with big brands with thousands of advertising funds to boot.

The problem is, most small businesses are convinced that in order to get ahead, they also have to employ what large corporations are doing. Although this is true to some extent, it only bleeds the business dry most of the time.

In the past, start-up companies can gain ranking by target keyword building. However, the previous and current year demands more. Various elements such as a user-friendly and attractive web design, PPC advertising, a solid social media presence, native marketing, and SEO are included in the equation. This is in addition to creating a good PR to send out positive signals to Google and amp up the page rank.

.Corporate structures rely on their think tanks for resolutions. As for small businesses, here are vital keys to take note of:

  • Recognize the Power of Logos

Logos are indispensable if small businesses want to take their brand to a larger scale. According to a leading design firm, Lippencott, a logo is the visual cue of a brand. It communicates a company’s culture, values, and image more powerfully than words ever will.

If content creation reigns in search engines, can visual imageries such as logos make a difference?

In a world where people only have an average of 8-second attention span, a business’s chance of capturing someone’s attention is only a few milliseconds. And logos have the capacity to communicate so much in so little time.

  • Make Use of Social Media’s Influence

If logos are a brand’s face, then its voice would have to be social media. People spend hours on social media every day, and even if they are not actively browsing their newsfeed, most stay online. It would be advantageous to have a foothold wherein your brand will be the first thing to come up when people open their social page.

There’s no telling the vast influence social media can do. In fact, one survey even revealed that Twitter users turn to Twitter and its ads to decide whether to buy a product or not.

  • Start Giving Branded Freebies

People are naturally drawn to freebies. Imagine the impact if what they’re getting free of charge are famous brands. There’s a reason many companies give branded goodies away: a study by MarketingSherpa reported that 76.1% of people who received branded freebies remember and feel goodwill towards participating companies. This is a huge significance from the 53% retention rate of TV and print ad influence.

It’s a shame that many companies turn to numbers and technicalities to boost their brand when they already have the power to influence – not with paid backlinks, purchased followers, or PR newswires but with real connections to real people.

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