Google Paving Another Internet Milestone: Domain Registration Open in the US Starting 2015

google domains and what it means to you



Back in June of the previous year, Google opened its domains to users. There was a catch though: only those who were counted in the invite-based system are able to take advantage of its offers.

However, Google is paving more roads in the internet in the year 2015. And one of these paths has opened to prospective US domain owners.

Users can already get a hold of Google domains with a starting rate of $12 a year. The price is very reasonable as it can be compared to other domain name registration platforms.

What’s in a Google Domain Registration?

Although fairly new, more and more parties are interested to get their hands on Google domains. Even just the word Google spells authority in the digital world. And in online businesses, authority is much coveted.

With the $12 fee of Google domains, the company has surprisingly enclosed many perks and helpful features that other companies may put a price on.

With Google Domains, registration is already inclusive of a hundred (100) sub domains, a dynamic DNS, website forwarding, WHOIS private registration without any add-on price, and email alias forwarding to current email accounts such as Gmail.

Google also understands the need for service and customer support, especially since this facet of its services has not been around for very long. For this reason, it has emphasized stellar customer support for setting up a domain and other needs through various avenues. This includes free chat, email support, and phone or voice support.

Third-party website builders have also collaborated with Google Domains. Such companies are the likes of Weebly, Shopify, Squarespace, and Wix. However, these have separate charges added on top of each service.

Google remains faithful to its goal of ease of use. The templates for the said services are available for users to be browsed within Google Domains.

The search engine company further emphasized the perks of using its web of services when it afforded the users of full support with Google Domains. The Google bloggers have the ability to connect a domain to their existing blogs.

According to Google spokespeople, the company also plans to add Google Apps in the future.

The domain names from Google can be registered for up to ten years. This means that if a .com domain was priced for $12 in its first year, then the owners can auto renew it for the same price every year.

Google Domains Support

Aside from affordable price, open registration, and customer help, Google domains also boast of its wide selection of domain endings. To date, it supports more than 60 domain extensions. This includes authoritative endings such as .management, .company, .clothing, .recipes, .solar, and .coffee.

As for the new top level domains, these have a higher price per year than the regular ones. For example, the domain extension .academy has a rate of $30 every year instead of the .com domain for $12.

The Google Company also offers a sign up form for interested parties who are not living in the US. Although no further information has been rolled out, the company promised to contact interested users when the Google Domain registration open in their countries.

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