How Much Is My Website Worth?

Important Questions You Need To Know To Get Your Real Website Worth

Both novice and seasoned domain owners alike are always on the lookout to know their real website worth. This is of course a must-do because it evaluates one’s SEO efforts and overall website presence. Many business owners often fall into the trap of paying hundreds of dollars for website SEO services without having a concrete outline of goals aimed and achieved.

Settling for cool domain names with a .com extension is not enough. Hiring SEO specialists to improve one’s page ranking in the SERPs is just half the battle. Stirring up an influence in the social networking realms is just a facet of the whole website-owning business.

In order to know if you are on the right track and your business is creating the difference it should make, you should learn to ask the right questions. However, before delving into these data-driving inquiries to get down on one’s site valuation, it is important to know what makes a website valuable.

There are different factors that contribute to the worth of a domain. These are the most dominant ones:

  • Frequent or periodic revenue.
  • Stable, growing, or recurring traffic. Getting website traffic should be regular and not just a one-time spike.
  • Google Analytics and other analytics tools setup, used, and monitored regularly.
  • Active mailing list or set of subscribers.
  • Protected brand. The website and business should not have any design, trademark, and copyright legal problems.
  • An active, if not prominent social media presence.
  • Legally secure and protected without any pending or existing disputes.
  • Predictable and apparent revenue sources. This may include but not limited to mainstream networks and other deals with legal agreements.
  • Different sources of unique traffic. This may include organic search traffic and social signals or traffic coming from Facebook and other social platforms.
  • Systems and website processes which are setup solidly in place, ready for handover.

Now that the attributes of a good website have been highlighted, it’s time to determine the different questions to be considered when determining how much a website is worth.

Why Should You Sell Your Website?

This is the most obvious question. Chances are, web owners who are already on the lookout for the buyers already have a clear understanding of why they should handover their domains.

Here are the common reasons owners want to sell their websites:

  • The seller has multiple websites or businesses and can no longer maintain the website.
  • The seller needs the profit as capital investment for other business ventures.
  • The seller no longer feels interest towards the business.
  • The seller is about to retire.

Where Do You Advertise the Website for Sale?

Although the website itself is active and have the proper attributes for sale, most website owners find themselves at a crunch when selling off their domains. The problem: lack of suitable clients.

Most website owners want to hand over their domain possessions to new owners they feel can take care of their investments. In order to do so, the website for sale should be exposed to a selling platform where more web masters can access it.

Websites can be sold off at market places such as Flippa and Digital Point. This is also the recommended option for sites which make $1k a month or less.

Other options include working with a website broker. Brokers can provide full support, expert advice, and guidance from marketing to handing over.

When is the Most Suitable Time to Sell the Website?

As prospective buyers, beware of sellers who want to dispose of their websites for the reason that it is no longer serving them as lucratively as it did before.

As sellers, the highest time to sell off one’s website would have to be while it still is on an existing period of steady growth.

Buyers prefer a website that is on the process of growing or that which shows potential for growth.


how much is my website really worth


What Websites are Worth the Most?

Some websites are sold for a thousand dollars. Some websites are sold for a few hundred bucks. What makes the difference are many factors such as grandfathered domains, steady stream of traffic, lucrative business to back it up, and now, mobile-friendliness and strong social media connections.

Buyers and sellers alike can narrow down these factors by seeing if the website is profitable and has the potential of being expanded. The owners should be able to make prospective clients see that a website is sustainable and has ample areas for growth if they are hoping to make a sale.

What Happens After the Website is Sold?

Happens after the website is sold depends largely on the agreements set on purchase. This may be influenced by the buyer, seller, and the third-party which helped to sell the website off.

The contract should protect both buyers and sellers and the point of sale should benefit both parties.

Page authority, social signals, high website ranking, and now, mobile adaptability are just a few factors which weigh in to how much a website is worth. There are website worth calculators or other tools to estimate website worth online. But for owners wanting to profit from their website possessions through sale, these guiding questions will help them bag a hefty return for their investments.


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