How Online Marketers Buy Links Without Harming Website Ranking

buy links only from reliable sources


If you are reading this then you are probably tired of people telling you that great content will get you links. It is absolutely true, great content can get you quality links but the whole process could take months or even years. Of course it is not practical to write quality content for years to get few thousand hits per month. So how can you get quality links without spending hours on contents everyday for years? Following are some tips and tactics, follow them and you’ll see a significant increase in your traffic in a while.


Buy Links Only From Reputable Webmasters

When it comes to backlinks, quality is much more important than quantity. Hundreds of links from not-so-reputable websites cannot get you the same effect that a single high quality link can get. So, if you are going to buy links then make sure you buy them from reputable webmasters. The simplest and easiest way to do that is by analyzing their existing work and their rankings. The reason behind avoiding some webmaster is Google penalizes spammers and it may cause more harm than good.


Think Beyond Social Media

Of course Facebook and Twitter could be widely effective if you have a community around you. However they don’t work all the time because you cannot target a specific community. Quora is an effective solution of this problem, this is also the best way to target your audience but that network is not build specifically for this purpose so you have to be careful otherwise Quora will consider you a spammer. Simply create an account on Quora and start answering questions. Search for the keywords of your industry like “marketing” and you will see tons of questions sitting there.

Amazingly Quora is full or different categories and you can follow the relevant ones to get latest updates. Quora allows users to follow up to 15 categories at a time but you can change those categories whenever you want. Additionally, you can search for relevant questions manually regardless of you are following that specific category or not.

Broken Links

Fixing broken links is one of the most effective techniques of getting quality links but it could be hard. However you can focus on the right type and your field to narrow down the results. There are millions of websites and blogs out there who have broken links but only a fraction of them are willing to fix those links. There are tons of tools available that can help you find those broken links. Broken Link Finder is a great paid tool but you can find some free tools too.


Forum Posting

This is quite an old technique but works every time. If you haven’t tried posting on industry forums then you are missing a huge opportunity. Posting on industry forums is similar to answering on Quora. You don’t have to force it because posting your website link or a specific URL here and there will give an impression of spamming. However feel free to post your website link wherever it makes sense. Many forums like Warrior Forum are good platforms for getting high quality links.

Amazingly a single link can bring huge traffic to your website. Getting 300-500 visitors because of a single link is not a bad deal. It is recommended to avoid rich anchor text on those forums while posting your website link. Forum posting is effective but it needs experience and skills because otherwise it may backfire.


Link to related websites

Linking to other websites in expectation of links to you may sound crazy but it works sometimes. Linking other relevant websites in your blog post help you get backlinks from those websites but you have to follow the plan. Before you link a specific website in your contents, visit their website and go to contact us section. From there you can get email address of a person who works there or you can visit their LinkedIn page to get email addresses. After getting 15-20 email addresses from all the websites you are going to mention, curate an email.

Write something like, “I wanted to let you know that I found your website (website link) an amazing resource for my article (or blog post) and I mentioned it in my latest post (your post link). If you have some time then check it out and if you think it is valuable to the community then share it.” This is a long shot, majority of people don’t even share it but even if 5% people give you backlink, it is worth it. Not to mention you’ll more visitors and readers regardless of the outcome.


Expert Opinion

Now that is something that could be highly fruitious depending on how you execute it. Some of the most popular posts on the internet are round-up posts. For example if you are writing about “best diet and workout” then adding quotes from 30-50 experts of that field could be extremely effective in terms of getting tons of traffic and links to your website. This particular technique doesn’t even need you to buy links for website. A good quality round-up post may generate hundreds of social shares and more than 20 backlinks.

First find experts in your fields using social networks like Twitter and Facebook, email or message them one question. Of course you can ask multiple questions but asking many questions decreases the response rate naturally. Similarly, not all of the recipients will reply to your email or message. So if you want to get 30 expert opinions then send your question to 60 people. Round up posts with fewer number of experts are not effective so try to add around 40 experts. Send the link to your post in follow up message or email to get backlinks.

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