How Online Marketers Get Lots Of Targeted Website Visitors And How You Can Get Loyal Customers?



Whether you are an e-commerce business or run a blog, it is essential to get targeted website visitors as target traffic guarantees a lower bounce rate and higher conversion rate. Although the bounce rate matters in every case but if you are paying $5 or higher per click because of the high competition then you definitely want your visitors to stay on your site a while. Before we move forward, let’s clear the concept of targeted website visitors; targeted traffic refers to focusing on niche consumer and fulfilling the needs of a particular group rather than targeting everyone.

Usually there are various ways to get your hands on targeted website visitors and these three are most common ones; you can use paid traffic generating services to get the kind of traffic you want. You can also use social media platforms and network like Facebook and Twitter for target marketing because these platforms are advanced and allow marketers to target their audience based on different factors including their age, gender, geographical location and even behavior.

The third way is organic traffic; although it is difficult but with the right strategies and by generating right contents for your target audience you can get targeted website visitors. According to some industry experts and online marketers, this particular technique is the most reliable one and it is a long term strategy.

How keywords can get your targeted website visitors?

Online marketers and webmasters optimize their websites and webpages with target keywords and when they see an underperforming webpage or website they change the keywords but that could be a mistake. There are many other reasons that can reduce the overall performance of the keywords. Let’s see how you can boost the keywords’ effectiveness.

  • Looking at the analytical data gives you insights about your keywords and their effectiveness. You can see the performance of different keywords on different webpages of the same website to know how many visitors have spend time on your website that came from your target keyword.
  • In order to identify the issue or improve the presentation of your contents, you need to think like an average visitor. Check analytical data again and see where visitors go from the landing page. See whether they are going forward to make a purchase or they are stepping back.
  • The days of keyword stuffing are over; now you cannot forcefully put your relevant keywords into the contents. Search engines like Google and Bing are smart enough and more importantly visitors want to read quality contents. Make sure your title matches with the contents.
  • You can analyze competitors’ websites to get the idea of their keywords strategies. There are tons of online tools and websites like SEMRush available that you can use to gather information about your competitors.

How to use Visitor Intelligence and rank higher?

Visitor Intelligence refers to gathering and managing the data and information about each visitor who comes to your website and then use that gathered information to improve the contents and your website. This is the next level SEO where you become a part of continuous improvement cycle. Visitor Intelligence can help your rank your website higher and better market your products and services. Let’s see how you can achieve that.

Organized information

Of course you need to organize all the gathered information in order to make it easily accessible. Before this particular technique, there was no such system to collect and managed the visitors’ information. These intelligent systems allow online marketers and webmasters to make solid decisions based on evidence and facts rather than on vague descriptions and assumptions.

Refine and repeat your strategies

As mentioned earlier, Visitor Intelligence leads to targeted website visitors but it is an evolving process where you have to refine and repeat your strategies numerous times. This technique gives you insights about the needs of your visitors so you need to modify your contents according to those needs.

Run multiple campaigns

Running multiple different campaigns gives your many advantages. You can easily carry on campaigns that are returning the favor and terminate campaigns that are not working fine. Running multiple campaigns also allows you to access your target audience.

Build a relationship with visitor

Amazingly Visitor Intelligence not only allows marketers and webmasters to reach targeted website visitors but it also allows them to build a strong relationship with their clients and visitors. It allows you to pursue visitors without being annoying because you can analyze and identify their interests and target those areas.

Using Facebook Audience Insights Tools to reach target visitors

Almost all social platforms and social networks allow webmasters and online marketers to reach their target customers and Facebook Audience Insights is a relatively newer tool that does the same thing. However, this particular tool is higher powerful and customizable that has taken targeting easy. This new tool is highly customizable and you can use numerous different factors and attributes to narrow down your target audience.

Some of the common factors are age, geographical location, gender, relationship status and even lifestyle. Facebook Audience Insights tool shows some other information about your visitors too. It shows the geographical location and languages used by the people who visit your website. It shows what kind of devices your visitors use. More importantly this new tools shows the shopping habit of men and women. You can use this information to get targeted website visitors.

How to get targeted website visitors now?

Amazingly you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to get targeted website visitors but instead all you need is a small time investment everyday that could pay off after a while. Following is the summary of necessary steps you need to take.

  • Identify your target customers and audience.
  • Define your marketing goals.
  • Test marketing goals in real scenario.
  • Define your target keywords.
  • Create contents based on those keywords.
  • Use analytics tools and services.
  • Use social networks for target marketing.

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