Without Guest Posting, Here Are Other Ways To Create Quality Back links.

Is creating quality back links really possible without having to guest post?

This idea may seem far-fetched many years ago but that is only because many years ago, there was not much advancement in technology as there is at the present.

Because there are many more ways to build links today, optimizing a website by way of building backlinks is no longer an exclusive deal for big companies. Now, you only need creative strategies and clever web building plans.

Why You Need to Focus on Quality Content

The quality of site content and its back link success go hand in hand. Quality content is a basic SEO principle that aims at providing superior user experience. It involves an easily usable method for completing a conversion and fishing for information that people will find shareable.

Quality content also goes past the consumers and extends to the benefit of bloggers or journalists who report about your line of business. A website with relevant information attracts both customers and media alike.

Using Quality Content for Building Backlinks through Videos and Technology

Create a video about your product or brand by including relevant apps that will boost the subject of your video. Making an infographic is a creative way to do this. Reference the apps you included so that users will easily find them. If you have many videos, you can create a series about a certain product or service and link together the episodes in each video.

It is wise to use a Link App when utilizing videos for back linking. Link apps make it possible to upload descriptions, images, and traceable links you included in your video. You can set it up in a way that makes it easy for users to open the links at particular times while the video is running. The links may open to different pages of your own website.

Remember to put an Order Now link or any linkage that will enable the viewers to buy your product or contact you.

Using Traditional PR to Create Links

Let the media know about your brand! You can host a business event or make announcements directly via email. Traditional PR may no longer be widely practiced but that is an advantage that you can bank on: you can do what your competitors ignore and make an impression on media people.

Send out creative but relevant gifts to local journalists, bloggers, and industry people. The key is to make the agenda about your brand and create enough buzz that people will want to review or visit your site for information.

Using Webinars to Build Back Links

The pointers for using webinars to effectively build backlinks are quite simple:

  • Host the webinar information and description on your website to gain traffic
  • Have the webinar participants sign-up, attend, and download from your own web pages. When people share the information whether as participants or an invite to people they know, you will instantly get backlinks plus social signals.
  • Make sure to include links to the resources, guides, and infographics that would support the webinar. It would be good if these resources are within your site, too.
  • Include social plug-ins or social sharing applications in addition to the one for sign-ups. Even when the visitors are not listening or inviting someone, they can still link or blog about your site by sharing through social media.

Backlink building strategies like guest posting have been copied several times. Thinking outside the box of these new trends can be your edge so that people will notice you. The idea is to focus on a content quality enough for you to build conversions or lead funnel.

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