How To Execute An Effective Email Marketing Campaign

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To effectively execute an effective email marketing campaign, you need to consider several important points. These factors will ensure that your campaign is on the right track to success. These important points are as follows:

  • Have a Point
  • Review the Content
  • How Does it Look
  • Where Can it Be Seen
  • Bite Sized Pieces
  • Give Readers Control
  • Follow Up
  • Study the Data


What’s Your Point?

Don’t send anything out to a potential subscriber or a current subscriber unless you have a point. The point could be your monthly newsletter, inviting them to an open house or a new product launch or it could even be to share the success of a beta release of a product. Whatever it is you send out, have a link where they can subscribe to your mailing list (if they aren’t already), link to your website or link up to a social media page. So even though your purpose is to inform them of the newsworthy tidbit, take advantage of the connection and promote linking to your other accounts or sites.


Does the Content Pass Muster?

With people getting tired of so much spam coming in to their email boxes, there are a lot more filters in place. Look over your content and see if there is something that could possibly raise a red flag with the spam filters and prevent your email from going through? It might not be the content of what you are sending out, but just a word or two that can prevent email from getting a free pass.


How Does it Look?

Once your content is up to snuff, check out how it looks in a preview. Does it line up correctly? Are there spaces between the paragraphs? Do the pictures come through clearly and in the right size compared to the text? Getting the text is important, but making sure the overall look to the message is just as important. Spacing and other formatting errors can make a document just as hard to read as if there were typos in it.


What Devices Show the Correct Content?

Now, even though you previewed the content and it looks fine on the computer, what does that mean for a mobile device? Cell phones and iPads are being used for people to access their email more and more. So even though the content might show up looking great on email through a computer, you need to consider how it will condense and appear through a mobile device.


Keep the News Nuggets Small

When you open up a document through your email and see a whole page or more of solid text, what is your response? There is probably a groan and a click of a close button so that you can come back to it later, right? No one likes to read long passages of text unless it is in a great novel. So keep your news nuggets small when you are producing an email marketing campaign. Or run the risk of someone either dismissing it right away or skimming over it and missing out on the most important parts.

The way to present a news bit if it is longer is to break it up in to paragraphs, add a graph or a picture and present it in smaller pieces that are more manageable. People are willing to read large pieces of text, but to see it all in one paragraph, with no breaks, can be a little overwhelming and intimidating. Especially if it was supposed to be on a topic that was fun and going to give the reader an escape!


Provide Contact and Opt Out Instructions

Even though you want to keep as many subscribers to your list as possible, always let them know they can leave. At the bottom of every contact you send, list their options for unsubscribing to your email list. People don’t like to feel trapped, so if they know they can get out quickly, they will be more relieved. It doesn’t mean that they will want to leave, but you always want them to see the options.

Also give out ways in which they can contact your or people in a position to be responsible for something. Do you sell a product? Then list a number or an email for the customer service department. Do you have account representatives that handle different functions of your business? List their emails so people know who to contact quickly if they have a question on a product or a service they received or would like to receive. Always give out several methods on how people can reach you or other people so your company is always accessible to the public when they may need you.


Follow Up If Needed

After you do get an email with a question or a comment through the email marketing campaign you sent out, put someone in charge of replying. If there are multiple employees in your business, set up an account that is specific to requests that come in after an email goes out. Make these emails a priority to answer as soon as they come in. When they are replied to as soon as they come in, the customer will recognize that they do matter and that they are being paid attention to by your company. Once a person feels their needs are important to a business, they are more likely to stick with them and be a repeat customer.


Reviews the Results

Reviewing the results means that if you use a service to deliver your newsletter, then they will keep track of statistics with your email. They can generate reports that show how many emails were sent, how many people opened the email and how many people followed a link that was contained within the email marketing campaign you sent out.

The numbers you see can allow you to make adjustments in the content of the email or even how often it is sent out and to whom. A targeted email marketing campaign can be adjusted to go out to a certain age group, a certain gender, a specific race or even socioeconomic class of people. Send out your email campaign to multiple groups and see which one has the best response rate. Use that group for a future email blast, but do it in a different region so you can attract even more customers to your business.

An email marketing campaign doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to execute for your company. The email campaign can be sent out to your current subscribers in an effort to get them to purchase a new product or take advantage of a new service. A campaign can also be done using a mailing list that targets a certain demographic that you would like to have as customers.

Either way you are communicating with people, you need to do so in an appropriate manner that attracts their interests and encourages them to subscribe or go through with the purchase you are advertising to them. Email marketing campaigns take a little work in the way to get the text just right, but once that is done it is easy to reach out and get people’s attention with words. The words are free to create, so do your best, go out there, and get more well targeted traffic to your website.

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