How to Get Facebook Fans without Purchasing

How To Get Facebook FansThese Marketing Features Guarantee Brand Prominence in the Social Media King

Facebook has gone a long way from being a social site where people can share photos and chat with friends. Now, it has become an information hub delivering news, posting real-time updates, and generating information on brands and online figures in just one click. Even with Facebook business fan pages, admins have been given a more advanced set of tools to tweak their page and zero in on their target market.

Gone are the days when the number one priority of Facebook fan page owners were to get Facebook fans. This used to be delivered by buying Facebook likes or shares. But as the social media king changes its algorithm, fake Facebook accounts and suspicious-looking profiles are being weeded away.

What then can businesses do in order to make it on top of a social media network boasting of 1.44 billion active users to date? How can a business capture the attention of users in a hub where they intend to chat with friends and not shop around?

Here are the different helpful features recently released as Facebook changed its algorithm:

Facebook Smart Publishing

The age of smartphones calls for a technology that can keep up with the demands of a social-media-driven and mobile generation. Netizens are no longer satisfied with getting answers to their queries. Now, they want to know what they want right when they want where they are.

Smart Publishing is one Facebook fan page feature that has been created to meet the demands of a challenging market. This tool enables users to determine the content which received good feedback from followers. By enabling this option, the links which enjoyed the most Facebook Shares end up in the newsfeed of the followers.

Dynamic Product Ads

Vying for the attention of 1.44 billion people is no simple task – especially if thousands of similar brands are fighting for the same spot.

This is why business pages need to come up with creative advertising and dynamic campaigns. The Dynamic Product Ads newly introduced by Facebook help business pages in this area.

The tool enables page owners to market their product as a single ad unit (with one product) or a multiple product ad unit. The latter option is capable of featuring up to five products. Many Facebook business pages have already rolled out their Dynamic Product Ads. According to some social media marketers, this tool can enhance the website conversion rate by 20%.

Embedded Video Player

Up until now, business owners were challenged with embedding videos on their site. Thanks to the addition of embedded video player introduced during Facebook’s yearly developer conference, this is already an easy task.

Now, website owners can include public videos directly to their blog or website. Facebook is one of the top organic traffic drivers from social media and this option opens the door for more traffic. Now, fans can easily navigate between the company website and the Facebook fan page. Owners can expect the pour of social signals, real traffic from Facebook, and more Facebook Likes on their business pages.

Supercharged Insights

Like studying web statistics, analyzing the metrics of one’s Facebook page makes the owner equipped on what campaigns are working, why some URLs received more shares than the rest, and how a certain post resonated with the audience.

Supercharged Insights makes this possible by providing intelligent report of Facebook metrics. The tool reveals the referral traffic coming from other Facebook pages and social plugins. The data being provided also includes the instances when people Like or Share a certain post.

Supercharged Insights also report when famous pages have liked or shared a certain post. This allows page admins to leverage on which posts to promote, which campaigns received warm feedback or backlash, and how to optimize support of verified pages.

Interest Targeting

Finding the right market in a sea of users is no easy task. A page can post the most updated, most interesting article or blog post but if this is displayed on uninterested followers, it still will not garner results.

That is why Interest Targeting is a tool that is a must-have for hubs as large and varied as Facebook. The Interest Targeting feature enables pages to be find or be displayed as Suggested pages for people who have liked the same pages or have enlisted the same niche on their account profile.

By having the power of targeting the right audience, displaying captivating ads, sharing posts easily, and knowing why certain posts worked, businesses no longer have to buy Facebook fans. These business page tools guarantee Facebook Likes for free when used properly.

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