How to Handle Negative Comments from Social Media Fans

Social media marketing is one of the best ways to drive web page traffic. This promotional strategy is now being used not only by internet marketers but social marketing is also being done by many Fortune 500 companies. In fact, about 58% of the companies listed in the Fortune 500 have Facebook page as part of their Facebook marketing, which only shows the power of social marketing in branding and promotion.

However, marketing via social channels are not all beds of roses. There are challenges and thorns along the path. While you may gain more followers as you promote your business, you will not be spared from having a handful of fans with remorse that sometimes leave negative comments.

Some of them may be dissatisfied customers wanting to air their grievances. It is for this very reason that you must constantly check your social profiles in order to pinpoint people leaving bad feedbacks, so that you can immediately resolve the issue to minimize the damage to the reputation of your business.


Importance of Handling Bad Comments and Negative Fans

Having even a single negative fan that regularly posts unconstructive comments about your products or your services, and about your business organization is already enough to get you constantly engaged in various social networks in order to contain the issue. The sooner you resolve the problem the better because the damage is not yet widespread; leaving it unattended to might potentially lead to bigger problems ahead that will take time to repair the damage done by an unsatisfied client.

Social engagement is part of reputation management in some corporate organization because social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn provide excellent platforms for corporations and customers to meet and interact. These networks allow business organizations to discuss with their clients about various issues regarding the use of products or about the availment of services.

One unhappy customer can infect others, and the negative impression about your business can trigger an outbreak of bad reputation if not resolved early on. If you encounter these problems during your social media marketing campaign, then perhaps the following tips will help you go through the tides and preserve your business image.


Tips on Handling Bad Fans in Social Networks

Send the Individual a Personal Message

A person will only hurl bad comments if they were badly affected, or if they encountered problems that remain unresolved. To manage the issue, it is suggested to approach the person via a private message in a friendly manner asking questions that allow you to uncover the root cause of the problem. By doing so, you should be able to formulate an action plan that is specific in resolving the concern of the individual.

Oftentimes, the problem is just misunderstanding or miscommunication, which can be easily resolved by giving a client a walk-through in dealing with the issue. Others may only have troubling questions which can be effectively managed by simply giving the answers and clarifying the confusion that hounds their minds.

Many problems have simple solutions, and yet companies failed to provide the solution that could have prevented a major catastrophe that is hard to deal with. Don’t let it happen at your end.

Provide solutions to any problem encountered by your customers, no matter how small they are. By attending to the concerns of your clients, you can even build a much stronger business relations with them and eventually turn them into happy customers more than willing to give you many referrals.

Issue a Refund

There are instances that customers are not happy because of failure of the product to meet their expectations. In some cases, they are victims of defective products. In these cases, you can process a refund, which is much better than having a tarnished image that deters future potential buyers.

Take note that one strongly-worded bad feedback can be tantamount to numerous future potential sales lost on your part. It is better to lose one product, by way of a refund, rather than lose many in the future due to the negative comments.

This is particularly crucial in eCommerce where most consumers mainly rely on feedbacks and reviews, considering that they do not have the chance to actually try the product, or assess the physical form of the merchandise like in the case of real-world shopping in a mall. It is for this reason that many online deals and offers are backed by money-back guarantee to attract many buyers.

Thus, if you encounter unhappy clients, then simply give them back their money, as long as it is still not long overdue. Returning their investment back should quiet them for good. To prevent future problems with similar root cause from emerging, offer a money-back guarantee to all your clients so that instead of giving bad comments, they will simply give you a private message to ask for a refund without causing bad image to your business.

Ignore Them If All Else Fail

There are times that fans will simply put bad comments for the sake of fun. Others are die-hard followers of your competitors that take the competition too personal by hurting your reputation to put your competitor company to a significant advantage. It’s hard to tell, at first, if the bad comments are genuine or not.

Thus, do not immediately assume that these are coming from die-hard fans of your competitors. You should have a proper system of managing bad feedbacks regardless of the case. As you go through the process of communicating with the concerned individuals, you will eventually be able to pinpoint the people that are simply making fun of your business, as well as those who are loyal to your competitors.

They are usually close-minded individuals; no matter how hard you try to appease them to contain the issue they will remain stubborn and steadfast in their conviction. In this case, just ignore them if all else fail. They are normally attention-seekers, which when you stop giving them full attention they will gradually calm down.

However, you must only do this after contacting the person and after trying to help them resolve their issues. It is important that others also aware that you have done your part in extending necessary support.

It’s a fact that you can’t please all people all the time, and many individuals know this; so just concentrate on giving value to your customers and attending to their problems and you will gain more happy clients that will eventually overshadow the negative feedback.

People will still buy despite the flaws. Majority of them simply want to get assurance that there is more good than bad in your business, and this is already enough to convince others to invest in your products.

Reputation management is one of the important aspects of marketing. If you miss this part, all your social marketing efforts to get web page traffic will only be put to waste. Some companies have professionals to handle the reputation of their businesses.

You should include it in your online marketing plan and integrate this with your social media marketing that allows you to check the negative perspectives of your company from external sources and from the end-consumers’ view. This is vital in maintaining a good online reputation while preventing possible future damages to your corporate image.

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