Domain Name Lookup: Choosing The Right Web Address!

One of the first few steps in website building is choosing the right domain name for your site. This is the reason why a domain name lookup is imperative prior to building the site in order to set things right at the start. Once the domain is already picked and attached to the site, there is no turning back and changing the name later on will only complicate things. But more importantly, a domain change will have SEO effects, and this will incur additional expenses, as well.

So to avoid inconvenience and issues ahead, it is best to choose the right domain right from the start before anything else. This may entail doing a domain name lookup that lets you determine the availability of the domain, as well as access to vital information relative to the domain’s history. The site’s history is important because this will affect traffic, your business reputation, and your future SEO efforts.

Steps on Conducting a Domain Name Search

Objective Setting

In order to pick the perfect domain for your site, you must first conduct set out your business goal and define your objectives. Draw out what your site is all about, what market segment it is going to be positioned to, and what niche will it belong to, among others. Consequently, a keyword research must also be done in order to list down the right keyword phrases that accurately target laser targeted traffic that also defines the success of your business.

Therefore, set out your goals and decide the niche for your site. You must also research for the right keyword terms to add to your targeted list of search queries. Make sure that the keyword phrases are not only globally popular but they are also less competitive in order to further guarantee success.

Do a Whois Lookup

Part of the domain lookup process is a Whois search. Whois is one of the best places to go to if you want to obtain more details about the domain such as the current and the previous domain owner, the domains history and past SEO activities, and so much more. This will allow you to verify if the domain has a good reputation online or not. Obviously, you should stay away from purchasing domains with tarnished image since this will greatly affect the reputation of your business, as well. A Whois search can help protect your business from future issues relative to its past activities that may include spamming the web and black hat search engine optimization.

Alternatively, you can use other domain checker tools aside from Whois. However, the results may not be as detailed as the results provided for by Whois. That is why many webmasters will immediately go to this site in order to get more accurate details of the domain.

Trademark Check

A trademark check is also important to avoid legal issues, especially for those registering for a new domain. Failure to conduct the trademark search will increase your chances of registering a name that is copyrighted, and this will result to legal implications that could be costly and expensive in the end. In order to do this, just visit the United States Patent and Trademark Office for trademarked names in the U.S. This office has an official website that lets you access the Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS). This is one of the best tools to use for your trademark check.

Once all the above steps are done, it is safer to move on to and register the domain of your choice without worrying of the potential implication of the domain name. This above procedures may add more time to your tasks, but they are nevertheless worth doing because of the significant reduction in risks associated with domain name registration. They can also avert legal problems ahead.

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