Secure Your Website From Being Penalized On Google SEO!

Do not go complacent even if your Google page rank is showing favourable results. Even if you have submitted quality blog posts rich with content by utilizing the Google Adwords Tool or have the most innovative link building strategies, Google continues to update its algorithms.

Most experienced SEO experts know this could mean penalties for their websites. Eventually, traffic drought and suspension could result and recovery may mean starting from scratch again when it comes to marketing the website and the services it stand for.

Here are proven ways to stop your website from harvesting Google SEO penalties:

Know Your Website’s Anchor Density

Searching for keywords to strengthen the link building of your website should be done using an effective keyword tool.

Take note though that Penguin penalties play around the high anchor density geared towards money terms as main indicator of SERP manipulation. The density of your anchor texts changes as often as new links are being built for your website.

What You Can Do:

Every month, run reports for your website anchor density and take note of the percentage in money terms. Ideally, you need anchor density below 15% to remain on the safe zone and dodge penalties.

Make a Monthly Links Audit

Are your inbound, edu, and gov links serving their purpose? Do the links you purchased contribute to the growth of your website or are they spammed?

What You Can Do:

Run all of your website links and get a baseline. Compare the high quality and low quality websites associated to the links. Determine who are linking to your site.

Send out an email to the owners of domains which appear to be spam, suspicious, or of low quality. More importantly, document your email recipient and the date of your contact. When your site gets penalized, you can show this list as documentation and file for a reconsideration request.

There is a host of SEO tools allowing domain owners to monitor their back links. You can use several tools and determine the most effective one. The key is to do this on a monthly basis.

Monitor the Webmaster Tools Account of Your Site

This may sound basic but most penalized sites are detected because the owners have not setup or monitored their Webmasters Tools Account.

What You Can Do:

Setup and closely watch the Tools account for links displayed by Google. This allows you to spot problematic links.

The Webmasters account allows you to detect site problems so you can resolve it right away. This includes when Google bots encounter error in accessing your website, when your server is faulty, or when your site has page errors or numerous crawls.

Aside from identifying negative or low quality links, keeping tabs of this tool minimizes site glitches before they become full-blown issues to warrant you penalties.

Turn On Google Analytics Alerts

There are different alerts that can help you keep your site safe and penalty-proof.

What You Can Do:

Set up unique alerts for your site and specifically watch out for occasions when:

These alerts will prompt you for drops rooting from site problems.  When you receive these alerts, review and address problems regarding back links or site malfunctions.

Monitor Link Ratios

Google monitors earned and unearned links by algorithmically watching ratios:

What You Can Do:

Monitor the link ratio for the following:

  • Link Type
  • Domain Theme
  • Link Location
  • Deep Links Ratio
  • Sitewide Ratio

Focus on getting your site grandfathered into rankings safely and you need not worry about spending too much on SEO.

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