Google And Adwords: Understanding Long Tail Key Words!

Long tail keywords are always sought out by Pay Per Click marketers because these can generate better quality clicks at lower CPCs compared to simple and more competitive key phrases.

With this benefit in mind, how can long tail keywords be found?

Google can be utilized for this purpose through the next easy-to-follow steps:

Using Google’s Search Box

Probably the simplest and most accessible way to determine long term key phrases is Google’s search box. Type a set of keywords on the box and Google will instantly make suggestions relevant to the key terms or the business it relates to.

It is wise to use these suggested terms as target points because these are gathered by the search engine based on the most popular and searched for subjects from Google users when looking for a certain service or product.

Using the Search Query Report

The search query report can be a wealth of resource. This tool can display the list of key words typed in by users which displayed your website. It can also be used to detect long tail words which resulted to conversions or have generated a good number of clicks.

The search query report for a campaign keywords or adgroup can easily be accessed. If a term has generated enough traffic, it can also be opened at a keyword level.

Using the Keyword Tool: include or exclude keywords function for leverage

The secret to using the keyword tool to generate useful results is to set it up strategically. You can test this out by first incorporating a handful of words as basis for your search.

Secondly, filter out the words which you do not want to be included in your long tail key terms. By this technique, you hint to Google that you do not want these terms linked to you, thus eliminating irrelevant suggestions. On the flip side, make sure to incorporate important words you want connected to your service.

By using this thorough sifting of data, Google would be able to generate fresh new ideas to help you formulate more striking longtail keywords.

Using the Organic Terms Your Site Ranked for

The organic traffic driven to your website can be direct indications of what terms are used when people found your website. What special words were used by the visitors to make your website emerge among hundreds of competing websites? Were there particular phrases or terms that come up multiple times?

By zeroing in on these results, you will wind the most effective terms to use which rank relatively high to your website. Make a list of these phrases and make alternatives of them to spin out fresh ideas for your content.

Using the Point of View of a Local User

If you think local search results are expendable because Google tags them as less frequently searched, you may need to reassess your notion.

Local users search for services within their vicinity. When you take up the point of view of a local user, you can set out by thinking about the different longtail geo targeted key phrases which can generate the best returns.

This is especially useful for web owners or businesses which target a specific area or niche where geography is an important factor. Just a tip: make one AdGroup for every geographic area.

Using Third-party Tools for Inspiration

Keyword-generating software and tools can also be used to gain fresh long tail terms. There are numerous tools available which can be accessed free or with inclusion charges.

A good keyword optimizing technique incorporates the search for long tail key phrases to drive good quality traffic which can result to an increased ROI.

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