Stop Your Opponent From Harming Your Page Rank!

If you are in tough competition with your business, it may be a huge relief if you finally get a breakthrough to improve your ranking. You may have tried several methods to get on top. Unfortunately, your competitors can also dabble on different techniques to drag you back on your previous position.

There are several ways your rivals can do this without your knowledge. Brush up on the different ways other companies can negatively affect your website ranking.

When Competing Companies Outrank You

The most apparent way other business can drag you back is to outrank you. Website rankings are constantly changing especially among niches with tough competition. Do not grow complacent when your website has leapt forward.

Fortunately, there are several ways to keep your number one spot. The right attitude would be to be persistently vigilant on checking your site ranking. There are page ranking tools online which you can utilize to verify the standing of your domain.

Do not back down by pausing your efforts to promote your website – even after you have hit your target spot and met your goals. By unceasingly marketing your services and using several SEO techniques, you are sure to keep competing companies at bay. If your rank checker reveals that they are still gaining speed, you may need to bump up and find different ways to outsmart them.

When Competing Companies Use Black Hat Techniques

What are Black Hat Techniques and how can it affect your business?

Black hat tactics are an unethical way of promoting higher website rankings. Here are the distinct characteristics you may find in a Black Hat SEO tactic:

  • Corrupt way of presenting web content in different non-visual or visual methods to search engine users and search engine spiders.
  • Breaking the rules and regulations of search engines.
  • Utilizing SEO techniques to create an unsatisfactory user experience.

Competitors may try to discredit you by linking your domain to irrelevant sites in order to spam it. Black Hat Tactics used to deliberately make your website questionable will not only hurt your pagerank, it will also make it challenging for it to recover.

Luckily, search engines are always on the lookout for such suspicious activity. There are different backlinks tools that can help you monitor your link profile. These tools will help you keep a close eye on your competitors and if there are any Back Hat tactics or links used against you. This advantage will allow you to report this activity to search engines for your protection.

When Competing Companies Thrive Better in Review Sites

Review websites are a great avenue to promote your brand. It is also a place where you learn which companies are in close range of your site rank. Frequenting review sites will help you be on the lookout for what the latest trends are and what other companies are using or doing that you may learn from.

Unfortunately, competitors can also utilize review sites to discredit your company. This can make people choose their services other than yours. It can also lower the rankings of your website. Consumers would usually go to well-known review sites to gather information about a brand. If competitors shame your product, these consumers would stop checking your website and your ranking will eventually decrease.

You can avoid all this if you keep a watchful eye on review sites to defend your company when others write negative reviews regarding your service.

Having a page rank checker is not enough if you want to remain on top. Website appraisal coupled with awareness of your competitors’ tactics is the best way to keep your domain ranking on top.

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