Internet Marketing Promotion Through Social Media and Email Integration

Discover the Secrets of This Winning Combo

There are many twists and turns in website marketing ever since email and social media have become indispensable. Some have incorporated social plugins to the official website of their company. There are also e-commerce sites which send newsletters through email to online buyers. However, what is probably less utilized is the combination of email marketing with social media.

Social networking platforms and email are effective tools for marketing individually because these have become a part of people’s daily routine. When combined though, the two have an invincible chemistry that can drive a horde of benefits to one’s business.

Why the Email and Social Media Combo is a Winner

Before setting out with the ways in which to effectively put social networks and email to work together, it is important to understand the rationale behind it. Here’s why it is important to have this collaboration in a business:

  • It provides business owners with more platforms for interacting with their target audience.
  • Every platform provides a unique approach of communicating with the market. Relating to consumers via Instagram, blogging sites, Facebook, YouTube, email, and Twitter are all varied and effective in their own right.
  • It creates different convenient options for email subscribers. Some people prefer to use their email for business or personal exchanges only. These consumers would find it convenient to browse through a brand via social networks.
  • It gives businesses a possibility to grow their list of subscribers.
  • The more viewports or access points to the business, the higher is its exposure, click-through’s, and conversions.

Internet Marketing? How to Make Email and Social Networking Sites Work Together

  1. Email Marketing Promotion through Blogging Sites

Majority of traffic coming to blogs are lurkers. That is, they just read the content for some time, click on the pages here and there, and move on to other websites. Although social plugins are now a familiar sight to blogging sites, there are still people who shy away from connecting socially.

Business owners can use their blogs as the voice to promote email subscription. The key is to make sure that this is done subtly and not as another drill of sales speech.

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

People have grown tired of being forced to sign up by websites which only provide complete access to their site if visitors register or leave their email address. This tactic may have benefits but it often leads to bounce rates. The better way to do it is to let people know first what’s in it for them if they subscribe.

  1. Integrate Social Icons to Emails/Newsletters

Just like putting social plug-ins to websites, it is also effective to put social symbols to emails or newsletters.

Instead of badgering people to get followers and likes, it is more preferable to let the email do the social marketing for the business. People tend to turn the opposite direction when approached by aggressive tactics to lure them in social networks. Putting up social symbols on emails and materials that they regularly receive on their Inbox lets them know they have other ways to reach a brand.

Symbols are powerful tools. Images imprint a message on the mind that no long sales pitching can do. It is therefore lasting because it leaves a mark in the audience’s mind.

  1. Use Social Networking Sites to Fish for Subscribers

Direct email marketing leaves much to chance as compared to marketing through social media. Now, email providers have built-in spam detectors that even if users do not manually set it, some mails end up in the Spam or Junk Folder.

Instead of sending out invitation emails and hoping recipients would subscribe, ask them instead through their social networking newsfeed.

Do so in such a way that engages the fan base of the brand and gives them a call to action.

  1. Utilize Retargeting Ads for Existing Traffic

By installing a tracking code on one’s website, the company can use its ad platforms to employ cookies for the traffic and display campaigns for them on other sites such as Facebook.

This technique is called re-targeting ads. Even when people navigate to other websites, the company would still be able to reach their target audience.

  1. Adding Social Networking Calls to Action in Emails

Re-Tweet This

Share This

+1 This

These calls to action stir up email subscribers from being mere readers to marketers of the brand. By doing so, the social circles of the subscribers will be introduced to the brand as well. Organic shares and followers are highly valued in social networking sites today.

Gone are the days when buying Facebook fans and purchasing YouTube views go unnoticed. Now, social platforms have more stringent terms when it comes to unnatural fan base on their sites.

It often pays to think outside the box especially when dealing with a target that is constantly evolving like internet marketing. Different tactics need to be used or combined to build up a stable fan base and subscribers. Such combination of techniques is demonstrated by integrating social networks and emails.

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