Internet Marketing’s New Face: How Digital Marketing Can Boost Digital Coaching

New trends, new technologies, and new predictions: there are always new things on the rise in the arena of internet marketing. As of now, the spotlight appears to be focused on digital marketing’s influence on digital coaching.

There are many trends in the business today and standing out from thousands of competition can be quite tough.

Take a look at the following:

Trend Number 1: Video Tops Digital Transformation

Facebook has extended its influence in the past couple of years as it exceeded YouTube in the most played videos a day. Vines has catapulted into social media popularity as tens of thousands of users discover it. More and more users tap into their creativity to make high-quality videos to make it into the YouTube community and be dubbed as a legit YouTuber.

All these are just a few indications that people prefer watching videos to get entertainment online. A study even reveals that 70% of the time people spend online is spent watching videos. No wonder business people and advertisers are willing to be coached or pay for the best video practices, techniques, or training about video engagement.

Trend Number 2: Collaborative Economy or Business Economics in the Digital World

The internet is designed to make life easier and time more manageable. Advertisers should provide direct and easy access to services and products that no traditional business transaction can offer. Now, business economics mean collaborative economy. The internet has made it possible to cut off middle people and get right into the core of things: businesses directly selling their products and services to consumers. Consumers directly paying and conversing with sellers.

Ebay and Amazon are two of the biggest selling platforms in the world today. However, more and more start-up businesses are also invading social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Now, people do not even have to online selling sites to check out the latest trends in fashion, diet, or home decors. These things and more are shown in their personal newsfeed.

Trend Number 3: Entrepreneurial Empowerment is here to Stay

Because the selling trend of today means direct contact and easy transaction for the consumers’ end, entrepreneurs are becoming more and more influential. Now, business control and consumer influence are no longer exclusive feats of big corporations.

All these rising trends in internet marketing has paved the way to boost digital coaching as a business on its own. If you are looking to expand your influence online, here is a simple formula to harness the power of digital coaching:

1. Attain a strong digital presence.
2. Build a stable credibility.
3. Offer compelling means to engage people with your expertise

Advertising online – whether with the hopes of helping other businesses expand their brand or one’s own can be quite overwhelming. But basing on the latest trends, here are a few tricks covered by experts to optimize the revenue opportunities through digital marketing:

The Online Videos Strategy

There is no reason not to jump on the opportunity provided by online videos. Here are the different types of videos to be utilized:

1. Video Teasers, Studio-Quality Type
2. Webinars or Share Screen Videos
3. On-Demand eLearning
4. Live Video Coaching

Capturing the Blogosphere

Before social media changed the way of direct selling, sellers used blogs to market their products and services. But blogs are still at the very heart of internet marketing even today. Even big corporations relate to their target in a more personal way through their company blogs.

Get Heard Through Podcast

Artists make millions out of iTunes and there’s no reason why entrepreneurs should not do the same. Creating a podcast series that aligns with one’s blog calendar is a sure way to get readers hooked. People have been so used with multi-tasking that most prefer to listen to podcast instead of reading blogs because it frees them up to do other things.

The macro trends in the digital society are changing the ways business is done. As digital marketing changes with these trends, advertisers should find ways on how to make these trends turn in their favour.

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