Is It Worth It To Buy FB Likes? The Idea Behind Facebook Fanpages!

Since social signals have become relevant in site ranking, selling Facebook likes and shares have become an industry in itself.

The question is: does having millions of likes and shares in the biggest social media enough to keep a company’s social signal relevant?

Like Google, Facebook is constantly changing its algorithm, too. This is why many blogging websites report whenever their Facebook pages experience a significant drop in their feed reach. Some blogging sites speculate that this happens at the same time that Facebook announces new promotional features for fan pages.

Before this theory influence your page management, consider that not all of your Facebook fans will be logged in at the same time. There is an approximate of only about 20% of your fans who will be able to view one of your posts on a daily rate.

Although you may have purchased Facebook fans by the thousands, only those that like, share, or comment on your posts get to see your content in their newsfeed.

This is why Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm is very important in terms of audience reach. This system signals to Facebook which content to show on their users’ newsfeed. The users send out signals to Facebook on which relevant content to show on their homepages by their frequent activities such as the photos they often like or the content they normally share.

This is one of Facebook’s strategies to make their subscribers feel at home while logged in to their accounts: they only feed specific content relevant to users. Otherwise, there would be no filter as to what people see on their newsfeed.

EdgeRank may appear threatening to your page but you can actually tweak your way to make it work for you.

Here are the tricks to expand your content reach:

  1. Ask fans to add your page to their Interests

Have your fans access your fan page first and navigate on the top right hand corner which will bring a dropdown. Ask them to click on the “Add to Interest List” option so your content reach will make it to their newsfeed.

  1. Ask fans to click Get Notifications

Another way to ensure fans are aware of your posts is when they get notifications whenever you make one.

To do this, ask your fans to move their cursors to the Liked button on your page and click on the “Get Notifications” option.

  1. Make Your Posts More Engaging

The natural way to make Edgerank work for you is when fans like, share, and comment on your posts on their own accord.

This puts the quality of your content at utmost important. Remember that people click on the Like button of your page for a reason. Feed them with content that boosts your brand, tells about news regarding your service, and announces interesting events about your company.

Make the post as captivating as possible. Facebook newsfeed updates every few minutes so you only have a few seconds to capture your fans’ attention. Share intriguing titles accompanied with attractive pictures to make your fans click on your post.

  1. Encourage Sharing Among Your Fans

Fan page admins use many gimmicks to encourage fan interaction. You can add a twist to this by asking fans to share your posts at the same time. Instead of just posting exciting content, make sure to ask fans to share or tag their friends whom they think can relate to your posts. You can also host contents and include sharing in the mechanics.

Social signals are true only for relevant fan pages. More than buying Facebook Likes, make sure your fans let you pass EdgeRank.

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