Is Marketing in for an Overhaul? New E-Commerce Innovations Appear as a Game-Changer in Business

how to market an commerce setup

There are technologies constantly being introduced in the market. All promise to add something of value to one’s business but only a handful prove its relevance in the long run.

Still, this does not mean that business owners should just stick to their traditional way of managing and furthering their brand. In a highly competitive and dynamic environment such as retail and marketing, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the vast information bombarded by experts and practitioners alike.

E-commerce is perhaps one of the facets of the digital world which always dabbles with technologies to improve its transactions.

As of 2015, here are the different E-Commerce innovations which prove to be game-changers in the industry:


A wireless device with the capacity to broadcast signals to both cellular phones and tablets within the proximity of transmitters, Beacon is yet another by-product of the smart phone era.

Whenever mobile devices such as phones or tablets picks up on the signals emanated by a transmitter, location-based actions can be initiated.

Beacons can also pinpoint locations with better precision than GPS. Beacons are a definite game-changer in e-commerce because of the following features it benefits both sellers and consumers alike:

In-store notifications for Relevant Info and Offers

Walmart’s App Savings Catcher and Target Cartwheel – these are just some of the apps which have created waves of better user experience, whether in an offline or online setup.

Through the Savings Catcher, it is now possible to make comparisons of some eligible items from one’s receipt against the marketed deals of a competing brand in an area. Walmart even offers a gift card for the difference. Other enviable features of the app are mobile coupons to fit user preference, mobile check out, and shopping list reminders.

Alternate for Showroom

Showrooms used to be the go-to option of businesses to present a deal to consumers. In order to make consumers see the usefulness and attraction of a product, the company makes a presentation in a showroom give suggestions to customers.

This method may have been utilized for decades but with recent technologies like Beacon, it is looking to be more laborious, time-consuming, and expensive. With Beacon, companies can present deals to consumers in a faster, more innovative way.

Data Warehousing

Early 2000s were a period of data overload: multiple systems are churning out multiple data that nobody really knew what to do with all the available information.

Now, intelligent warehousing of data is a must-have quality of effective e-commerce. The two important questions for data warehousing should be:

  • Should the company build a warehouse of data or a database of marketing?
  • Should the company build data marketing or data marts?

On the digital advertising front, this means free analytics can now provide third-party data integration.

Artificial Neural Networks in Marketing

Artificial Neural Networks, better known as AMM, is an innovation that seek to emulate the reasoning or principles of human brains. If a certain data is missing, AMM can recognize patterns and make conclusions.

The data gathered through AMM can be broken down with the patterns identified. From this, targeted messages can be disseminated. This innovation may sound ahead of its time, but more and more marketers and technologists are discovering ways to further its influence.

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