Enhance Your SEO For 2015: Make Sure To Update Your Advancement Staff

Your site is only as good as the team behind it. As the New Year rolls in, it is only fitting that your development team is well-aware and well-equipped with the ideas and resources to meet important SEO issues head-on.

Although the basics of SEO remain the same, new issues are being added to the relevance of website management.

What are the Relevant Issues of Web Management in 2015 that Your Team Needs to Know?

The Matter of a Mobile-Friendly SEO

You have paid for likes to your Facebook fan pages. Your Alexa page rank has improved. Before feeling complacent that you have dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s of your SEO duties, don’t forget the mobile aspect of it.

Web masters and business owners need to accept that mobile browsing is here to stay and make a big difference on how business is done online.

The issue of a mobile-friendly SEO does not stop on how aesthetically pleasing a site looks on tabs and smartphones. The site needs to be accessible in major, if not all, types of devices, have a quick load time, and be equipped with correct technical setup including mobile sitemaps.

To help web masters do this, Google issued a set of standards that makes mobile website.

The Option to Switch or Not to Switch to HTTPS

The previous year saw hundreds of data breach cases. No wonder more and more sites have jumped into the https bandwagon.

But is it really necessary for your site?

Studies and observations reveal that https do not have any significant impact on site rankings. However, Google does not show any sign of backpedalling on the matter. On the contrary, it continues to urge site owners to provide a secure connection for its users.

Whether or not your site need to switch or stay on https is a matter only you can decide. The question is, is your development team up to par? The whole team needs to balance image compression and security needs so that Google will not tag and penalize your page for slow loading time.

The Knowledge on How to Deal with Local Search

Pigeon algorithm is expected to roll out in July 2015. This development will sure to bring updates to change local search in 2015.

It pays to have the company’s development team brush up on the local business scheme data. Local searches proved to be quite tricky in the past that is why it is a matter that needs special attention.

The Subject of Result-Tracking

Your company have tracked results in the past but that does not mean you should settle on the existing techniques that you use.

Experts have revealed that result-tracking for 2015 needs to have a more proactive approach. Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and Google Tag Manger – these are some relevant tools which are regularly updated by Google. It helps that the development team can keep up with the features and updates, if any.

It is true that it is the marketing team’s duty to get the site to take off and extend the reach of a brand. But it always pay to have a solid foundation in the beginning. As SEO and user experience become connected in 2015, it is only logical that web development follows suit. After all, web development, user experience, and SEO form a triad by which a worthy website is built.

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