Knowledge Centers Show Brand Building Strength in 2015

One of the top SEO marketing companies in the market today, Searchmetrics, released a study showing and analyzing contributing factors which influence SERPs and search engine algorithms. The said research highlighted SEO brand strategies which delivered results in the search landscape. The SEO marketing team went on to conclude that the brands which showed brand strength are the companies which turned their value proposition online by assuming the role of a knowledge center.

What exactly is a knowledge center?

In the internet, a knowledge center is the hub where netizens go to in search of product information and advice. It refers to websites which hold themselves up with authoritative, updated, and relevant content that not only help customers but also entertain them.

These websites dominate organic searches and are supported by search engine algorithms even if the latter shift from time to time.

In order to transform one’s brand into a digital knowledge hub, companies should consider the following brand building points in their organic search strategy:

  • Narrative Building

Web article marketing strategists used to target search engine crawlers and bots in their site content. Before, it does not matter if the article sounds repetitive or redundant just as long as it contains the proper keyword density to target search engine robots and boost up the page ranking.

Now, this strategy will get one’s chances for SERPs landing out the window. Content writing should be designed as to connect with real human visitors, not Bing and Google robots.

Narrative building also means dialogue between brand and consumers through social media platforms. It refers to the human element that technology affords businesses now.

  • Online Value Proposition

Does the company has a standing OVP or online value proposition?

Companies should not only hustle to boost up their online presence. They should also analyze who competitors are finding their way in SERPs.

  • Authority

There are many bogus websites masquerading as legitimate businesses in the internet. These sites will gather information from the customer, persuade them to responsive actions, and swindle them out of their money and confidence.

Customers are no longer new to these tactics. Internet users now have an eye for detecting if a website is legitimate or not. That is why companies should always review that their web content, development, and design speak volumes of its authority.

An ambiguous message, poor design, and outdated web development send prospective visitors in the opposite direction. It also makes the website a target for search engine penalties.

Key Elements for Leveraging a Brand into a Knowledge Center

  • CTR or Click Through Rate

The study conducted by Searchmetrics revealed that there is a significant connection shared by a high CTR and landing in the top 5 sites of SERPs.

As a search ambassador for the brand, SEO companies should ensure that the website contains key phrases of the on-page copy, headings, meta descriptions, and page titles. This move will help the CTR to generate real human visitors to a website.


  • Social Signals

Hashtags included in Google search results. Facebook increasingly becoming a hub of news and information. Twitter influencing purchase decisions of millions of consumers.

All these point out to the power of social signals to pull a website to the first result pages of search engines.

The Searchmetrics research showed that companies with strong social media presence and active communication with followers also rank high in SERPs.

What does this mean for businesses?

Most companies employ different teams for social media marketing and search engine optimization. However, the two should work hand in hand. A company’s social media activities should be correlated with the company’s content strategies. Directly asking followers in social channels what they want to see, what they need, and what they want changed will also help writers with content ideas for the website.


  • Mobile Traffic

Google’s recent algorithm change. Mobile traffic surpassing desktop traffic in the past year. Steady increase of mobile and responsive designs for websites. All these point out to the reality that mobile traffic has changed the way organic search is done and evaluated.

The companies which flowed with this change are ranking higher in SERPs while websites with less flexible web developments and design are quickly becoming defunct.


  • Profile Backlinks

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How to Search for Backlinks on Google


The effort to get backlinks of different kinds and authority have dominated SEO for years now it has become a business on its own. However, there are only a few backlinks authority in the internet today.

 earning quality backlinks



Business owners should invest the proper time and effort to monitor, measure, and manage analytics report of backlinks. Which sites are linking to the brand? Are the backlinks connected to the proper content pages?

  • Internal Linking

Proper internal link structure poses as much importance as back linking. This provides optimum user experience which is now the main focus of SEO. A good internal link structure also retains relevancy of content, correct delivery to pages, and effective branching out of information and business channels.

Content is still king in search landscapes but the question SEO specialists and business owners should ask is what kind of content will get them high on SERPs. These exclusive takeaways from studies conducted by Searchmetrics have provided insider information to help businesses turn their websites into knowledge centers and in the long run, dominate the SERPs.

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