Building A Strong Back links: Generate Natural Page Views and the Way to Build Link for You Site

building links the natural way with prchecker

Building back links to a website and driving quality traffic to be converted as customers – these two remain to be the oldest and yet the most relevant objectives of web masters and SEO practitioners. In fact, backlinks building and getting website traffic has created an industry all its own. Over the years, new methods and different fads have come up and enjoyed a few minutes in the limelight, until Google detects and thwarts it.

Out of all these methodologies, however, one remains solid in its guarantee to drive traffic to a website.

A high volume of high-quality links connecting to a website in the correct context is the key.

Here are the fundamentals of effective link building strategies to get quality website traffic fast:

  1. Get to Know Google’s Criteria for Quality

Whatever Google declares is correct, everyone else accepts. At least that is how it is in the field of SEO.

Here are the key points to better understand the quality criteria of the number one search engine:

  • Steer Clear from Low Quality Guest Posting

Google is BIG on quality and substandard postings are something it relentlessly hammers. The search engine discourages flimsy and unoriginal content as it does not serve the readers.

A lot of web masters scrape off contents of other well-ranking pages to lure visitors and give their own page a leg up. Google is well-aware of this tactic and is well-equipped in penalizing guilty sites.

  • Keep Away from Doorway Sites

Another old black hat SEO scheme, doorway sites are downright deceptive and were engineered to benefit the site and not the readers. It’s no wonder Google implemented stringent rules and penalties to websites which only lure visitors onto a target page without the intent of helping them.

  1. Focus on a Diverse Link-Building Strategy

Here are proven ways to create diversified backlinks to a website;

  • Garner citations and recommendations from trustworthy sites and credible authors
  • Create, publish, and market links that trace back to one’s site. Ensure that the links are of superior quality.
  • Invest on social signals: be interactive on social profiles to show proof of activity
  • Capitalize on collaborative work with others in the industry. This includes guest blogging on authority websites or being featured on quality forums
  • Choose only the major industry sites to syndicate content
  1. Focus on Natural Anchor Texts for Each Link Building

Internet users are smarter than they have ever been. This means that keyword stuffing, link exchange tactics, cloaked URL schemes, and other black hat techniques are out of the equation.

Simply put, avoid pitching a sale when creating content. Provide the visitors with a good, informative read and let the quality content build the links for you. There is a reason Google points to User Experience as the number one target web masters should focus on.

Anybody can buy organic traffic to their site or pay a team to build outbound and inbound backlinks. But at the end of the day, Google turns to users to decide which site is relevant and which is designed to just generate clicks. How will your site fare?

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