Looking for Resources to Boost Your Brand? Check Out the Biggest SEO and Marketing Names of 2015

Content marketing was a big hit in 2014. The previous year has seen the highest number of companies which invested in content advertising as compared to the past years.

It comes as no surprise when the following data is accounted for:

  • Conversion rate is significantly higher for content marketing practitioners. These websites have 6 times more conversions compared to the ones who aren’t.
  • Custom content is the new face of marketing according to 78% of CMOs.
  • Traditional advertising costs 62% more compared to content advertising. However, the latter produced thrice as many leads.

Not quite sure where to start? There are many companies online promising to boost your brand. However, you want to bank your funds and hopes on the established ones.

Here are the biggest SEO and marketing tools collated for 2015:


What it offers: Content Ideas and Research

If your team is running out of fresh ideas, Buzzsumo is the place for new inspiration. Here are just a few features it can benefit you:

  • The ability to access the widely-shared content and widely-read authors for a certain subject
  • The ability to access the most famous content for a certain domain
  • The ability to know who shared articles
  • The ability to make content alerts. This makes it possible to monitor a rival or a certain topic
  • The ability to run a content assessment report for a certain domain or topic


What if offers: Article Submissions Service…among many others!

If you are looking for well-written articles crafted by professional writers, look no further! PRC is well-known not only for quality content but for the whole business of article marketing as well. This includes posting and submission to well-established directories.

Here are some of the key benefits of article marketing:

  • Live traffic generation
  • A leg up for building back links
  • Submission to 250 web directories
  • Tremendous exposure, thanks to its submission to hundreds of US classified ad sites and dozens of message boards


What if Offers: Content Publishing and Scheduling for Social Media Accounts

Imagine having to pour hours each day for one facet of advertising only. Luckily, you need not worry about your social media content with Edgar.

Here’s why it’s great:

  • The ability to store updates
  • The ability to categorize posts
  • The ability to re-use posts and content
  • The ability to publish posts according to your desired schedule


Creation of content is one thing but management and organization is a whole different story. Many companies fail not because of inferior content but because of poor management and organisation.

Here’s how Trello is a life-saver:

  • The ability to drag and drop cards while showing progress
  • The ability to request other team members to collaborate
  • The ability to share links, upload files, create a to-do list, and leave comments – all in one place
  • The ability to set deadlines, reply through emails, and categorize campaigns with labels

Whether you are looking for assistance for research, creation, publishing, or organization, these are the trustworthy names to turn to this year and beyond.

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