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Webmasters and online domain traders are buying new and old domains every day, and many of them are using different types of domain checker tools to aid them in their day-to-day activities. Some tools are necessary for buying expiring domains, while other tools are used for new registration. In any case, it is important to know the different types of tools being used by different channels in order to use the right instrument that is appropriate to your intended use. So, here are a few of the most common tools today that are related to domain search.

3 Common Types of Domain Tools Today

Whois Lookup Tool

A Whois Lookup is normally performed by those who are searching for the owners of a certain domain for whatever purpose they have in mind. This tool will let you see the full name of the owner, including the address and contact details. However, with privacy services already offered by most registrars, the results are becoming more inaccurate and less detailed.

Name owners today are now able to subscribe to privacy plans that allow them to conceal their ownership details for privacy purposes. In this case, the name, address and the contact details of the registrar are shown in the result pages instead of the domain owners’ information. This is also the right tool to use if you want to find out the internet protocol or IP address of the domain.

DNS Checker

A domain name server check is a useful tool for webmasters looking for some details pertaining to the name server. This is usually important if you want to redirect the domain to another name, or if you want to park the domain name temporarily. This is a useful tool to use during the manual installation of the website, as well.

You can also use this tool to identify the IP address of the domain, on top of the two name servers, which are important in web installation using the control panel. The results that you will get from this tool can be usually obtained from a Whois Lookup, which is more comprehensive. That is why this tool is not so popular among webmasters who want more detailed information. In any case, this is still a useful tool for those who simply want to get the basic information devoid of the complexity of the results that only add to the confusion.

New Domain Checker

This tool is, quite apparently, used for new domain registration. Its main use is to let you know the availability of the exact domain name attached with a specific extension.  This is usually made available for free by domain registrars and web hosting companies to allow buyers the chance to purchase the domain names of their choice.

These name checker tools provided for by different companies are more or less similar, but they usually differ in results. Some tools will simply tell the availability of the domain with a particular extension, but others have suggestions on the availability of similar domains with different extension. The exact domain name you are looking for may not be available in -.com extension, but you can get it with different extension like -.org, -.biz, and so on. So, it is best to use the name checker that provides suggestions on the availability of similar domain names with other extensions.

Which Tool Should You Use

Based on the results obtained from each type of tool, you will observe that each of them has its own usage for specific kind of search. A Whois Lookup is the most popular of all. But if you want to simply find out the name servers for website installation reasons, then the name server checker is the ideal one to use. On the other hand, for site owners wishing to register a new domain, a domain checker tool is a perfect instrument for the job.

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