More Ways To Boost Traffic For Your Website

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Webmasters are always looking for ways to boost traffic for website success, but it’s not always that easy. You need to use methods that expose users to your website, but you can’t be too annoying about your marketing. Thin and poor exposure is just going to make people distrust your website, and search engines will often penalize you for bad marketing. At the same time, there are many ways to increase your traffic. Just make sure you concentrate on quality when you employ any of these marketing methods.

Blog Commenting

Blog commenting and forum posting has been in the blackhat world for a long time, so you have to be careful when you do this. There are many SEO programs that send out thousands of bad comments that add nothing to the blog, and they are just made to get a backlink.

While it has blackhat connotations, blog commenting can actually be useful if you do it correctly. First of all, find a blog that is relevant to your niche. Then, leave a comment and attach your website to the comment.

The key here is to make a good comment that actually helps readers. Leaving something like, “good post” or, “I really like this,” is going to get your blog comment banned. You need to make a comment that really adds something to the conversation.

If you agree with the blog post, then leave a few reasons as to why. Also, try to add more information. For example, you could say, “this post is good, but you forgot about…”

Blog commenting works on two levels: First, it gives you a backlink from the blog that can boost your search rankings. Second, and this is why you need to concentrate on quality, is because the other users often follow good comments. If your comment shows that you are an expert in this niche, then you will often get traffic just from the comment.

Press Releases

Writing an online press release isn’t exactly new, but there are many new search engine changes that support and boost the power of a press release article. Penguin has given extra emphasis to news websites. High-quality news sites are given priority in the search engines, especially with time-sensitive information.

You can jump on this by making a press release. Press release writing is very different from writing an SEO article. While you should have a keyword in mind, your writing should focus on covering a story. You also need to write about your website in the third-person.

Cover something that has recently happened to your website. For example: your website just launching, getting your 1,000th buyer, offering a new service or changing management. It has to be something newsworthy to get published on a press release website.

Speaking of that, you need to find a high-quality press release website for your content. Penguin has negatively affected bad websites by decreasing their rank. Make sure the website has a good PageRank, and you should be fine. Press releases often do better in the search engines, and you can usually rank highly for a competitive keyword.

Be Controversial

Being a little controversial is a good way to boost your traffic. People love reading things that are contrary to the mainstream opinion. These articles can make people think about a topic in a completely new way, and the articles are often funny or entertaining.

While you shouldn’t go completely off the handle and write something that is downright insulting to a sensitive issue, writing about a topic in a controversial way can increase your traffic exponentially. These articles typically get more links than others, and their readership is normally more loyal.


Infographics have been popping up everywhere, and they are very popular for getting links and traffic. An infographic is one large image that gives the reader a lot of information. Most infographics concern case studies, but they don’t have to.

An infographic is somewhat like a slide show, but the slides are stacked together to form one large image. You will usually need a graphic designer, or designing abilities, to make a good infographic. If you can manage to make one, then you can get a massive amount of links for your website. This translates to more visitors.

Social Media

Penguin has made social media a large proponent of SERPs, and many of the smarter Webmasters are using it to increase their ranking. Social media has been used for a long time to increase visitors, but Penguin just made it before.

Prior to Penguin, people would link to their websites via various social media posts. This is still effective, and the same basic strategy is still being used to increase your number of links and followers. If you have good posts and content, then your followers will gladly visit your website to see what you are doing.

Google Penguin has also added weight to these links. Beforehand, the posts pointing to your website didn’t do much, but now they also increase your ranking. Make sure to get a lot of followers with good social media posts, and you can rapidly increase your visitor count.

Internal Linking

Internal links work great for blogs or large content websites. If you have over 100 articles, then it can become difficult for people to find posts they want to read. Even if you include a search bar, most people won’t find other posts that would interest them. However, internal linking makes it easy for your traffic to stay on your website.

For example, say you are talking about a subject and a technical term comes up that most people don’t know. If you make the technical term a link to another page in your website, then you are doing internal linking. People are more likely to click on internal links, and this boosts your search engine ranking. There are many good plugins to help with this, and you should take advantage of them. Internal linking can be difficult if you have a huge website, but the plugins make easy work of it.

Go Mobile

Almost everyone has a mobile smartphone, but comparatively few webmasters has a mobile website. Mobile websites are easier to read on these devices, but that isn’t why they will get more traffic.

Mobile websites do better in mobile search engines. Google, Yahoo and Bing prioritize mobile websites if a smartphone user is searching for a keyword. This is because the websites are easier to use, and search engines are obsessed with the user experience.

Making a mobile website is fairly easy, and it can increase your visitors by boosting your website. This is best for local websites, but really any can get a boost. Mobile sites don’t use many graphics, and they rely on simplified navigation. The text is also larger, as this makes the website easier to read.


Boosting your website traffic can be difficult if you aren’t doing the right things. Most Webmasters get so flustered with all the different traffic boosting methods out there that they never really get down to brass tacks and work on their page. Use these methods to getting more traffic and get the people you need to make a profit. All of these methods work. You just need to use them.



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