Online Tools for Better Internet Marketing Promotion

To speed up your internet marketing promotion, you need to use some tools that will not only save you time, but can also make your works more efficient. While there are manual options, you are better off fully equipped with tools that automate some processes, thereby giving you a competitive advantage over other internet marketers that do not use certain tools in their marketing activities.

Bear in mind that internet promotion is a multifaceted system. Thus, marketers have different approaches to marketing. Some only use one method; others combine different methods to complement their strengths and overcome the weak points. Each method requires different sets of tools. If you are going to use several methods of online marketing, then you are going to need a lot of tools, as well. Some online marketing tools may require installation, but majority of them are online software that requires no more installation. So you don’t have to worry about memory space. Nonetheless, listed below are some of the highly recommended tools to aid you in marketing online.

Internet Marketing Tools 2013

Keyword Research Tools

Keyword research is an essential aspect of internet marketing and search engine optimization. Search users will use keywords when searching for information and products. It bridges the information seeker to the information giver. Therefore, you should conduct a keyword research before anything else. Here are some of the tools that you can use for this task.

Bookmarking Tools

Bookmarking is an important marketing tool. This can tremendously improve the visibility of your contents with just a few click works. Bookmarks can give you added traffic, aside from letting you create good quality backlinks that can help improve your page rank in Google.

Most bookmarks are founded onsocial platform. Therefore, social engagement is also important if you want to expand the milestone of your contents for higher page views. However, even if you have a few fans, there are still SEO benefits in bookmarking your contents given the fact that the top bookmarking networks have high PageRank in Google.

But it is still best to maximize the benefits by bookmarking your favorites while at the same time engaging with the other members of the network. Therefore, start bookmarking your contents by installing the bookmarking tools provided for by some bookmarking networks such as the following:

Social Media Networking Tools

Social networking is a rising trend in web surfing today. Many people today surf the internet mainly to socially engage with friends and associates in different social networks. According to an Experian survey, about 27% of the time spent online is on social networking. This is a significant number that makes it all the more important to include social media marketing as part of your promotional mix.

PageRank Checker

You definitely need to find out your present PageRank in Google in order to assess if your SEO activities are working or not. Here are the tools to check your PageRank today.

  • PRChecker
  • Google PageRank Checker Tool
  • PageRankChecker

Survey Tools

Conduct market research from time to time in order to find out the present needs and demands of your prospects. One way to do that is to conductsurvey. Here are some survey tools to aid you in your market research.

Ping Tools

Ping is a protocol of verifying the existence of an IP address. It is also a process of telling the server that a particular page was just updated. A ping can help your webpage quickly indexed by the search engine bots. There are many pinging tools that are available today. Here are some of the recommended tools for pinging.

Grammar and Spelling Check

The quality of the content is an important aspect of content marketing. Each post must not only contain highly useful information, but it must be well-written as well. Therefore, check your article for grammatical mistakes and misspelled words prior to publishing. While this can add more time from your end, there are tools that accelerate the process and make it easy for you to pinpoint typos and wrong sentence structure.

Plagiarism Check Tools

Once you have published a post, it is also important to ensure that your article is completely unique, sentence-by-sentence, in order to avoid plagiarism, which is a serious offense that can potentially drag you into legal issues. To avoid encountering plagiarism problems ahead, always perform a plagiarism check using one of these tools.

Email Subscription Services

Email marketing is one the most effective forms of online promotion. This method has high conversion rate, as well. People who opted to subscribe are well-targeted given the fact that they intentionally joined the subscription for some reasons. The best part of all is that once you have enough subscribers in your list, you don’t have to market to thousands of people.

To generate many sales, just create one powerful email and send it to all your subscribers. Many marketers enjoyed getting a handful of sales with one email. Sending a couple of emails in a month is, therefore, tantamount to huge income. That is why it is highly recommended to include email marketing as part of your marketing mix.

The challenging part, however, is in getting many subscribers to your list. Luckily, there are tools to aid you in this process. While some tools are premium with monthly subscription fee, there are tools that are also free to use. Nonetheless, use one of the email subscription services tool to boost your email campaign. Look no further, listed below are 5 of the best tools for catching subscribers to your list.


Keep in mind that not all online marketing tools are beneficial to search engine optimization. There are tools that can harm your business, as well. Among them are some automated link building tools that create spam links instead of good quality backlinks.

Article spinning software used to be a powerful tool in article marketing, but many of them are now rendered superfluous amidst the focus of content uniqueness and quality for better SEO. So stay away from using these tools. On the other hand, use the above-mentioned tools because they can boost your internet marketing and promotion.

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