It’s Not All About The Content: Advance Press Release Techniques


Before you endeavour to access the techniques of expert press release, be sure to know the basics first.

What is press release and how can it help your company?

Every activity and program online keeps changing that some are completely blotted out while some just evolved. Of these systems, press release is one of those which survived with the barest minimal change. It is still a worthwhile promotional method but its focus shifted from the original which was obtain links from different news domains and re-publishing ones into the present which is to make news go viral.

Eliminate these common mistakes you can never find in expert press releases:

News Release without Substance

The point of this method is to disseminate content that informs or excites. Make sure you are not repeating data which is already widely known. A few pointers for a content that has high chances to go viral:

  • A new tool or program launched by the company.
  • New completed survey that has been made public.
  • A fresh move taken by the company (for example, going green to support environmental causes).
  • A list of new awards or contests (for example, Top Ten Food Bloggers if your niche is blogs or relating to food).

Giving Away Too Much or Too Little in the Title

Revealing too many details in the title won’t make it necessary for users to read the whole news content. On the flip side, too general titles won’t make readers take interest in your news. Even if you have a well-written article, you won’t get a click-through if readers would skip your link after reading the title. The secret: make a title controversial and intriguing enough to make users click on your link and make your press release rank high and go viral.

Stuffing on Link Building

Building links by means of media releases should be your end goal and not the means on how to do go about this method.

Readers will find it annoying if your content is filled to the brim with links and saturated with poorly distributed key phrases.

Now that you are aware of the no-no’s of effective press release format, it’s time to learn the secrets of experts.

Here are the press release marketing tools of successful brands: (

One of the most common errors in online press releases is broken links. The ensures this mistake is crossed out for good. More than just a URL shortening tool, it redirects URL permanently and eliminates breaks. This free application is also good for recalling URLs thereby making bookmarking convenient. (

The makers of RSSPad made it possible to create RSS feeds for users who do not host blogs. Companies need not create a blog in order to provide people a way to subscribe to URL updates. (

This tool enables users to select their own interviewer and the option to record on the site platform. Clients who pass the $200 starting requirement gain access to their advanced podcast recording, podcast feed link, and RSS feed. (

What’s a media release without photos?

This service enables users to upload images on high resolution free of charge. Highly useful for businesses to entice people by displaying their products and works of expertise, this tool can also embed press release information on the photos.

You don’t need connections or thousands of funds to get product media release or international press releases. Get rid of elementary mistakes that can hinder your content from going viral. Then, make use of tools which can give you excellently-made content. With these techniques, your brand will go viral on its own.

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