Purchase quality backlinks for your website

Do you want to learn how to really improve your SEO?

An effective search engine optimization plan must include three main components: onsite SEO, social media and backlinks.

I’m going to focus on backlinks, and backlink building and how they can be used to propel your website up the search engine rankings and widen your exposure.

Whether you know it or not, you’re in a never-ending battle with your competition.  I will outline strategies to get links, including how to purchase quality backlinks for your website.

Your competition is investing their time and money into improving their SEO and backlinks, are you?

So let’s get to work…

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What is a backlink?purchase quality backlinks to your website

A backlink is an internet hyperlink from an external source (blog post, forum profile, Facebook wall…. you get the idea) which points directly to your website or web page.

Let me explain this with an example.

I could add a link to Wikipedia from this article. If you were to click this link you would be directed to Wikipedia and away from my website. In doing this I have provided Wikipedia with a backlink. Similarly, if Wikipedia was to add a link to my website on one of their webpages they would be providing me with a backlink.

Hey, maybe they should read this and add a link to my article?!  That would be nice and help my SEO.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Links are created to get people to a particular website or web page. So they are very practical since they take visitors from one place to another.  Connecting thoughts and ideas across the world wide web.  Getting your website found.

They direct a reader to a different location on the Internet that will provide them more information about what they are reading or about a different topic. So promoting your website can be done through the use of backlinks. Remember, backlinks can be placed anywhere on the Internet.

If you have a commerce site, they are also a great way to funnel prospective buyers to your website.

Think about it.

If you are selling used cars online, visitors clicking on a link that says “affordable used cars” to get to your website is a great thing.  Not only do you have another visitor on your website, but you’ve prequalified them with the link they used.

Only a person interested in “affordable used cars” is going to click on that link.  At this point you don’t know if they are ready to buy today or not, but you have an opportunity to take them through the sales process.

Every sales person’s dream.  A prospective buyer.

These special links are also very important in the SE0 (Search Engine Optimization) process.


Why are backlinks important?

Backlinks provide two main benefits for your website: firstly they help to provide additional exposure and access to your website from external sources, and secondly they improve your search engine rankings.

Some people might put those in opposite order, but I would disagree.  In fact, a lot of websites put those two in reverse order and Google created the Panda Algorithm.

Millions of websites had their search ranking adjusted because, in Google’s mind, poor content website should not rank high.  Webmaster who had only built content for SEO and not readers paid a huge price – their high ranking.

We’ve already talked about providing exposure and sales using links, so let’s focus on improving your search engine rankings through backlinks.

Backlinks act like votes in that they indicate to the search engines that the link provided must lead to something of value and interest. A backlink is basically a way for other people to say they like what you have to offer.

If you wrote an article that I felt would benefit my website readers I may decide to link to your website. When other webmasters read your article and also link to it, you will soon have multiple websites all linking to the same page on your website.

If this happened over and over again from many different websites it would indicate to the search engines that the linked to a page on your website must contain something that many other websites consider to be of value.

Backlinks as Votes

Who invented this idea of link voting?  The reigning champ of all Search Engines, Google.

Google was the first search engine to incorporate this idea in their search engine results.  This quickly raised them head and shoulders above the competition.  Not because people knew what Google was up to, but because people were starting to get relevant search results.  Google became Google because people knew they would get a good and relevant search result from their search query.

So back to you.

The more votes (backlinks) you get, the more popular your website will appear in the eyes of the search engines.

Simple right?

Sure, that is until Google and others figured out people were just adding links to game the system.  So, in response, they had to get more sophisticated, too.

Now-a-days, it is not just the QUANTITY of backlinks that is important it is also the QUALITY of the source it is coming from.

Just as they would be in other voting situations, the more authoritative, powerful, influential and credible the voter is, the more beneficial the vote will be to the recipient. One backlink from a well-respected source can often be more valuable than many from poorly respected sources.
Quality is also represented in the diversity of links.  It’s not enough to have other web pages link to you, you need to get links from a lot of different sources, including social media sites as well.


How To Get Quality Backlinks to Your Website

The question of “How do I get backlinks?” is easy to answer. The answer is you create them.

Needless to say, it’s not that simple.

You can find websites on your own and create each backlink yourself or you have another choice, you can buy them. Creating each link can be very time-consuming.


The goal is to get as many quality backlinks to your website or a particular web page as possible. That’s going to take a lot of time. Remember the more quality links you have located throughout the Internet the higher the possibilities of getting more traffic to where you want it to go.

There are a lot of methods to get backlinks to your website.

Let me share three powerful methods that have worked for me.

Three Tips for Getting High-Quality Links

#1 – The very first way is to submit comments with your website URL as your signature on high traffic blog will also help in getting backlinks.

Why do I specify high traffic blogs? High traffic blogs are often indexed more often by Google compared to lower traffic blogs. Therefore, your backlinks will be indexed as well when you leave comments on high traffic blogs (if you don’t understand search engine crawling and indexing, check out an article I wrote about this earlier).

#2 – The second way is through Article Marketing. There are many article directory around on the Web and if you leave your website URL at the end of the article, you could easily create 40-50 backlinks.
At the same time, Internet users who like your article might also post your website URL on their blog which will create additional backlinks for you

#3 – The third way is a very powerful way to obtain backlinks.  Create your own E-Books.
Have you every signed up to get a guide or cheat sheet from a website?   Adding your website URL and giving them free to your target audiences. Internet users are very happy when they discover freebies.  It’s irresistible to download.  Especially when the product matches what they are searching.

If your E-Book is compelling or provides great information, chances that they will recommend it to their friends are high. With more exposure to your E-Book, it means that your website URL get more exposure as well. Be sure to let internet users know that they can link to it directly on your website.  They can add your website URL to their blogs to give it as a freebie to their subscribers as well which will, in turn, create some quality backlinks for you.

Purchase Quality Backlinks

Remember, you can always just purchase quality backlinks from PRChecker.net too.  Not a whole of a explaination needed here.  You’d save yourself a lot of time and effort.

Now it’s your turn.

Get some quality backlinks.

Make it happen.

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