QUICK PROMOTE: New Twitter Program Promises to Give Small and Medium Sized Businesses a Leg Up in 2015

Twitter, one of the most famous social networking sites has become one of the biggest selling influences of today. Many surveys and studies on consumers’ purchasing attitude and the effects of social media revealed that more and more people turn to Twitter to check out a brand, review customer feedbacks, and elect whether to purchase a product or not.

With such influence on consumers, both big and small businesses have turned to Twitter to market their services. But is there a chance for start-up and medium sized businesses to make a dent when it rivals against corporations with millions of marketing funds?

It appears that this consideration has been mulled over by Twitter so that it has generated Quick Promote, Twitter’s newest brainchild to help small and medium-sized businesses get their content out to the people.

Only last year, Twitter rolled out different programs to help small businesses manage their campaigns. Such programs are Reports, Objective-based Campaigns, and Pricing.

With the introduction of Quick Promote in 2015, more productivity and better time and business management is expected in the current and coming years from small to medium businesses.

What is Twitter Quick Promote?

Quick Promote can be utilized from the Tweet Activity Dashboard. It helps users make the most out of their best-performing posts. This program will give business owners the ability to zero in on performing Tweets and harness it towards Twitter users who are naturally keen on following the topic. As a result, businesses will be able to increase their audience and optimize the message at the same time.

How to Use Twitter Quick Promote

Twitter understands that fast and easy tools navigation is crucial in online marketing. Quick Promote proves true to its name as it endeavours fast advertisement through the following simple steps:

1. Choose a Tweet/post to promote. It’s wise to use one which has a high impact on the audience. A Tweet resonates well with users when it has high engagement rate and overall impression.

2. Select a Budget. Twitter provides an approximate price based on the reach of Tweet after promotion.

3. Monitor the effect of the post on the audience. Track consumer engagement real time and make the most of the content techniques employed. Determine the target actions of the business such as Retweets or URL click-through’s.

Facebook quickly gained popularity among small businesses as it helped them advertise posts in modest budgets. For just ten to twenty dollars, advertisers can already promote a post for a reasonable period of time.

Twitter apparently has the same thing in mind with Quick Promote. When users finally decide the amount of budget they are willing to spend to further a post, Twitter will then provide an estimated figure on the magnitude of users it can reach.

After the budget has been set and the selected Tweet promoted, the business owners may then use the Twitter Analytics tool to track their ads.

Twitter may be competing with Facebook for affordable ad options but this is a highly useful tool for small and medium-sized businesses alike. Internet is slowly making every advantage which used to be exclusive for big-time corporations available to the masses. Now, everyone gets the chance to see their businesses advertised on social media kings Twitter and Facebook.

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